Ghanaians Are Hypocrites For Hailing Rashida The Black Beauty – Afia Schwarzenegger Says, Proving Her Massive Hypocrisy


Afia Schwarzenegger has labelled Ghanaians hypocrites for showing support for new sensation Rashida whilst people condemn her.

Afia, in a post on Instagram, cannot understand how Rashida receives praise and is hailed when she talked about s*x and other similar touchy subjects yet everytime she defends herself from attacks, she is vilified.

“Just in case you don’t know Ghanaians…let me tell you who they are…” she began.

“The same people who call me names(like I care!!!) for defending myself,the same people who come attacking me cos some grown up didn’t respect himself and I had to do the do,….Are the same people hailing a 16 years girl call Rashida who instead of going to school decided to tell the whole world how unimportant education is,how good she is in bed and how Malaafaka Ghanaians are.

“So I, a 34 years mother of 3 can’t defend myself but Rashida 16 who Is the same age group as my sons can say all manner of things and get hosted by a TV station like viasat1…then we have a big problem..” she added.

“Maybe it’s about time we start exporting hypocrisy!!!!”

To recap, Afia, a 34 years mother of 3 thinks she should be held to the same standard of behaviour as a teenager.


Rashida, it can be argued, is only a teenager who made one mistake. Actually quite admirably, her team seems intent on moving her away from the ‘mala fakka’ brand and getting her to actually give out a positive message. I’m sure Afia never did anything stupid at 16.

So whilst a somewhat reasonable excuse for Rashida’s action can be found, Afia has continued to be an uncouth, barbarian mess well into her adult life. Why, it was only last year that she was exchanging insults with a member of Parliament to an utterly degrading level, and her feud with Obinim featured similarly unprintable language.

So what is her excuse, at ’34 and a mother of three’, as she puts it, for continuing to be an uneducated, brash character always spewing hot garbage from her mouth? She is not 16, which means she actually should know better.

Like Diamond, Afia is absolutely displaying the heights of hypocrisy with this very attack on Rashida. For actions that they have engaged in continuously over the years and never thought twice about stopping, they are crying because doing it just once has catapulted Rashida to fame?

Like Diamond, Afia is absolutely clueless about the fact that she actually should know better – but her small brain seems unable to conceptualise that.

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