Ghanaians On Social Media Cry Tribalism As Nana Akufo-Addo Names More Ministers Without A Single Ewe So Far


President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo named his first batch of ministerial appointments a few hours ago at a press conference in the capital.

Having named 13 members to his cabinet comprising nine males and four females – the President seems to have chosen a highly competent mix of long time public servants.

But as is usual for us Ghanaians, some people have to bring the politics of tribalism into the mix. Already on social media, some people are complaining that the list contains no Ewes thus Akufo-Addo is being tribalistic.

One facebook user claims out of these 13 names, which is the first batch of names – the absence of any Ewe proves tribalism on Nana Addo’s part.


“I’m not surprised…my Ewe friends on various platforms are just surprised” she adds, indicating the sentiment is one she hardly shares alone.

Allegations of tribalism against is one that is usually lobbed against the NPP in general, and Nana Akufo-Addo in particular. On the basis of this list alone, though – can he be declared tribalistic? Apparently, some Ghanaians think he can.

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Kafo Dedi says:

Who are the 11 Asantes ? It is ignorance of unforgiving magnitude for a Ghanaian in this age to consider all persons with Akan names as Asantes. That is the problem here.

Juicenet says:

Don’t mind them. They need to learn their history and stop labeling every Akan as an Ashanti

nana yaa says:

I hate countering tribalism with tribalism but let’s work the maths; per the constitution, about 70% of ministers must come from Parliament. Now, how many npp mps come from Volta?? Let me remind you the answer is single 1 so many positions can he hold aside one?
Secondly, a clear look at the past government’s appointment s showed a bias towards northerners and ewes. Did anyone cry about regional imbalance then?? In short, the ewes have had their chance to “serve” Ghana now it’s the time for other competent Ghanaians other than ewes to also “serve”. Unlike the NDC, the npps policies tend to affect the whole nation so with or without your kinsman, the job will be done.

Juicenet says:

Lmao. So to ewe’s every Akan is an Ashanti huh? Heheheh we have eastern region, brong ahafo western, central, And Ashanti region. Nana is for everyone not just for any tribal line. He came to rescue us from the mess their ewe ministers like dzifa attivor and her crew has put us through. They should relax because all these names listed above are bunch of intellectuals in his cabinet l. He can’t just appoint any one. Am sure the ewes and the northerners in the party understand and respect his decisions on these appointees. We are one nation, together we all stand firm so let’s support his decision. One love 😂

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