John Dumelo Claims He Has Opened His First J.Melo Shop Outside Ghana–And Knowing John, He Could Have Just Slapped His Name On Someone’s Business

John Dumelo

John Dumelo

John Dumelo once told us he had built a hotel, called-Maselo Courts Apartments–the fact was, it was not for him. He did not build any hotel and did not own any hotel either.

And then there was John Dumelo weaves and wig outlet–which mainly operated from a shop in Accra. John Dumelo was reported to be the owner of the Accra Mall based Hair Depot.

Later, the actual owner of the shop contacted GhanaCelebrities.Com to tell the world that, John Dumelo does not own any shop–and that the place is hers so John Dumelo should stop lying to his fans.

Now, the same John Dumelo has posted an image of what seems like a cheap road side shop on twitter–claiming he has opened his first J.Melo shop outside Ghana, in Gambia.

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With John Dumelo’s business track record of lies, we ought to treat this information with caution.

Anyway, what do you think?

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  • Juicenet

    Hahahaha this guy loves fancy things paaaoo. Well it could be true this time because the location doesn’t look impressive. Some ghetto corner Gambia store is affordable to every middle class individual.

  • OhemaaAsantewaa

    Now tht his dream of deputy minister in Ndc has been mercilessly crashed, he is trying hard to give the impression tht his business is flourishing. Mind you nobody can brag and boast more than dumelo so he must be desperate to display this cheap street container shop as his. There is definitely some Gambian woman in the middle of this one too who owns the shop already. It’s likely he convinced her to let him put his sign up while using his mini sausage on her. Why Gambia? There is political unrest right now in Gambia so why leave Ghana to open a shop in Gambia. Is that even an intelligent business move when you live in Ghana? You’ve never opened one fashion or cosmetic shop in Ghana but your first is Gambia? John is probably planning to run off to Gambia to hide under some woman when investigations start on him very soon by the NPP and he will use the excuse that his business is there. Dumelo, Ye Nim Wo Fri Titi Wai. You can run but you can NEVER hide. #NanaIsNotJoking

  • Viv

    Hahahaha after all john’s bragging this is his shop. And why show us only the sign, we want to see inside the empty shop. John is a heavy duty liar and I am 1000% sure the shop has no fashion line or cosmetics inside.
    I worked at accra mall when he came begging us with his weave samples to sell in our shop for him. Only for him to turn around and act like we were his workers and that was his shop. John is a massive intrinsic fraudster. I bet that cheap shop is completely empty with nothing inside. He just took a picture of the sign for attention and bragging rights.

  • naa manchester

    why do most women take DUMELO issues very personal,when any story comes up with his name,the comment most of them write ,you see alot of bitterness in it,pls why ladies????????.

    • Juicenet

      Hahahaha ask again. John must have used and dumped them. They don’t comment on any article besides John too. John doesn’t stay committed so am sure he deceived them with his lies and tricks.

      • Marie

        What a shallow and unintelligent comment. John has not chopped us, we are just well informed about his tricks from Anas and Australia to denying an existing marriage in USA to pretending to own a hotel on spintex to pretending to own a weave shop at accra mall to pretending to run a record label and film school. All his nasty shenanigans why shd we not comment on such awful pattern of behaviour???Maybe he had $€x with you so you are not thinking straight but not us ok.

        • Juicenet

          Wow it must have gotten to you. And who says am a fan of John. Everything you wrote shows how bitter you are. So sorry lol he misled you sweetie. We didn’t even mention your name in the comments but see how angry you are over a common statement. Come again Hun. Am too old to fall for such John did me this crap. Check your self well. He’s my junior at Motown and seniors don’t do juniors like that 😂😂😂.

          • Marie

            You went to motown? I seriously doubt that! If you did you won’t jump to shallow conclusions about people commenting because they have had $£x with someone and are bitter. Find a dictionary and study the word feminist. It will hopefully help expand your horizon (with any luck). And for the record I don’t engage with ppl below below my IQ level like you so write all you want, I won’t even waste my Harvard PHD on a no brainer like you to respond.

            • Juicenet

              Hahahahah harvard Ph.D. And yet can’t understand a simple article and comment. Sorry in GC there’s no bragging. Is now clearly you’re a victim of his cheap girls . He must have hurt you terribly. Sorryooooo lol I don’t support the silly acts John does but when you learn to mind your business and keep that IQ level to your self, I wouldn’t exchange words with you. Learn to close that filthy legs of yours. hahahaha cheap ho…e. Harvard Ph.D. My black a..

            • Maame asaba

              Whatttt? You have a Ph.D. In what? Illiteracy or shallow mind. Girl please we don’t condone the spirit of hypocrisy and bragging on this platform. Phd my foot. If indeed you’re a phd individual, you wouldn’t have the time to to take a common article so personal. You sound like a real confused mumu. That your IQ level is as low as your bank account. Grab a seat or yet board some trotro to Kasoa and do the bragging there. Phd fuo wo krom but Wei dieh, you not intelligent one bit. Lol why the personal attack? If you hurt why don’t you call John and let him know how you’re feeling. Talking about feminism, you’re better of than speaking for your self. No lady asked you to defend them. From your comments is you who’s hurt and not any other party. Girl be heal already. Is 2017 and the guy you’re ruining personal attacks on don’t even know you exist. Get real and stop the personal attacks. He must have dumped you like a tin of milk. Cheap girl with no aim.

              • Juicenet

                Lmao. Very wel said. She’s mocking her self with such bitterness. We all comment and insult but not as far as taking stuffs personal. Give it to her

        • Ama

          First of all speak for your self. Is very obvious you’re still wounded by dumelo’s sinful transgressions. What a bitter chica. Chill small because those girls are not complaining nor didn’t asked you to defend them over this article. Shame on you. Next time learn to close that filthy legs of yours before you spill out irrelevant post. Am disappointed by your bitterness over a common article. I do agree with juicenet over your bitterness. Ash&&&&awo girl, John please continue to eat these ladies for free and dump them.

          • Marie

            You see the above response to juice net? Ditto to you too.
            (By the way ditto means the same sentiments)

  • Kerri

    Chris why don’t you be a journalist and do your investigations in Gambia rather than jumping to conclusions? Yes Dumelo does NOT have a good track record when it comes to business but we cannot be certain about this shop unless it’s investigated. You cannot open a business in Gambia without the appropriate business documents so if there’s no paperwork but just a sign post then u have a bigger story. This article is almost damaging Dumelo’s shop in Gambia before it even begins by inferring it maybe fradulent.

  • Nana serwaa

    This Marie chic needs help. How can we rescue her from dumelo’s torture guys? Her comments are full of bitterness and needs time to take things off her head. Sorry Hun next time don’t fall into a trap of celebrities. Your phd degree is not welcome here if you’re too smart learn not to be deceived by men. Just my two cents

    • Juicenet

      Oh good you’ve also witnessed that. She must have fallen into the trap of John the heart breaker. Shame on her for expressing her stu@@@dity on this blog.

  • Juicenet

    I don’t see him as a saint but is a common article and not expecting you hoes to be taking stuffs personal. You sound very cheap and loose, sorry is best you defend your self and not what he did to others. John is not a fan I do bash him a lot but not as far as the way you hoes do it. You are very naive lol to support fools who gives money to males. Don’t worry you’ve answered our question above now we know you’re also a victim and wish you the very best. Next time closing your legs and being wise should be your priority. Don’t be loose and cheap for a mere celebrities. A frustrated hoe is what you are.