Mzbel Explains Why She Did Not Press Charges Against Woman Who Threw Egg At Her During Belgian Concert



Singer Mzbel has revealed why she decided not to press charges against the woman who pelted her with eggs on stage whilst performing in Belgium.

Speaking to Joy News’ MzGee, Mzbel said the case would have happened in Belgium and to her, it just was not worth the hassle.

“The organisers reported to the police, but I didn’t want to drag this whole thing. First of all, I don’t even live there and we have to go to court and it means I have to overstay.” she said.

“So, I said it’s ok, I didn’t get hurt, so they should just leave her besides, how the crowd reacted was enough,”she added.

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Mzbel recounted once again what happened and how it shook her in the moment.

“Honestly at some point, I couldn’t even hear myself sing; I forgot my key and I was singing off key. I did perform but it didn’t go well.” she said.

She added though, that she liked how the entire incident was handled.

“I really like how the fans and the bandsmen reacted when the woman came and threw the egg at me…. the bandsmen immediately stopped and people started throwing insults at her, yelling, there was chaos and people insisted that she should be kicked out, and she was kicked out, the show continued,”

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