20 UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS Every Young Man Must Know–Share With Him

5. Don’t choose your ‘bae’ (girlfriend) based on her heels. Choose her based on her skills. Heels don’t pay bills. Skills will pay bills and even buy heels!

Life is not easy–and no one promised it was going to be easy.

As we go through life, we make a lot of mistakes–some of which we could have just avoided had we gotten a good advice or had we been able to foresee the outcome of our actions.

It’s a nasty world and yet, if well guided by the below kind words, you can sail through easily as a young man growing up in Ghana and anywhere in the world.

If you can make it in Ghana, then London wouldn’t be difficult for you.

You need to know these things–and don’t forget to share them with those you care about.

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