Deborah Vanessa Says A Man Who Earns 800 GHS Cannot Even Approach Her–Chris-Vincent Says This Jobless Social Media Pretender Will End Up Like Tonto Dikeh

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Deborah Vanessa

Tonto Dikeh was in the news last week crying over her marriage, saying she married a man who was a fraud–and that her relationship was built on deceit.

She added that her husband gave her STDs and constantly beat the hell out of her.

What was more shocking and yet pathetic was when she revealed that she lied on social media–and that all the gift she showed off on Instagram claiming her estranged husband Oladunni Churchill bought for her were all lies. She said she did it just to make her marriage look good in the public.

She said she did it just to make her marriage look good in the public.

And yesterday, Ghanaian jobless ‘celebrity’ Deborah Vanessa was also in the news for saying she doesn’t think a guy on a GHC800 salary can even corner her for a talk about a relationship.

Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri who wrote an interesting op-ed on the Tonto Dikeh saga has taken to his Facebook to trash Deborah Vanessa’s statement–saying, she will end up like Tonto Dikeh, with a fraud boy or some woman beater with money.

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He wrote:

This is the sort of stuff I talk about.
Deborah Vanessa says a guy who earns 800 GHS cannot even approach her.
Yet, she has no job–jobless social media pretender saying crap like this ends up like Tonto Dikeh, with a fraud boy or some woman beater and when this happens, you people will come back here to say some of us should feel sorry for her.
Of course, people have a right to make a choice–but also, these people should be responsible for the outcome of their choice.
An industry person just told me she even lives in a Chamber and Hall (boys quarters) at West Airport–and you see how big she is talking?


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