OMG!!! These Make Ups NEVER Should Have Happened; You Need For This Tuesday Morning

The emergence of make ups in our contemporary society is befuddling. As if having to deal with all these cluster of make up artists whose lessons do not go beyond YouTube channels is not enough, we have to deal with people walking about with their faces adequately adorned with cheap cosmetics all in the name of making up.

Now most ladies cannot go beyond their bathroom door without putting on any make up of a sort. I cannot shove aside the fact that some of these make ups, if exquisitely and perfectly done, leaves a glorifying sight to behold.

People have argued out that people who love to make up are mostly not confident and this is an argument that one can win against.

Ask me and I would say it is strictly subjective because I have seen women wearing makeup yet with no iota of confidence and vice versa.

It is thus funny how some categorised men have transcended their loathe for makeups yet they are the first to pass comments and double tap on an image of someone with a heavily done make up.

I saw these pictures on Facebook and I had a good laugh. Whether they are real or not I cannot even say, all I know is they never should have happened.

I just cracked my ribs flipping through them, do same— it is a lovely Tuesday, shake some of the stress off.


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