Out Of Every 10 NDC People You Get Only 2 ‘Sensible’ Ones – A Plus

Controversial rapper A Plus has dropped yet another ‘controversial’ claim that’s set to spark massive fights online.

The outspoken, no holds barred artiste tore into NDC followers this early morning on FB (his usual venue for mischief).

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“Out of every 10 NDC people it is highly impossible to get more than 2 sensible ones.” A Plus wrote. “#Scientificallyproven” he added.

“Come and insult me if you know you are one of the 8 senseless ones. Apart from insulting tell me any better thing you’ve done with your life. Just one!!! Kaiiiiiiiii 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏”

A Plus argued his contention was because NDC followers blindly follow their leaders, even when it’s proven again and again that they were engaged in fraudulent actions against Ghana.

“How can you support someone who has stolen 2 cars meant for the state and attempted to change the colour? How can you support Woyome. How can you support people who have bloated COMMISSION on a deal by one hundred and fifty million dollars. Is that money not enough to run free shs? When we talk you’ll come and insult. I wonder how your brains function” Plus viciously added.

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