Paraguay’s Parliament Set On Fire By Disgruntled Protesters Angry At Attempts To Amend The Constitution

Angry protesters in the South American nation of Paraguay have set the country’s parliament building on fire as protests got out of hand.

The congress building, situated in the capital Asuncion, had its windows smashed in by the disgruntled protesters, who then set the interior on fire.

AFP reports the protesters also ransacked the offices of some lawmakers.

Protests broke out due to the efforts of the ruling government to amend the constitution of the country to allow President Horacio Cartes to run for another term in office.

The bill had already passed the chamber.

Paraguay’s constitution, adopted in 1992, allows just a one term of five years for any President, but Cartes wants an amendment to allow him run again.

That has led to protests which have turned violent, with one person reportedly killed by police trying to control the situation.

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