Moesha Boduong Has A Question For You – Give Her Your Candid Answer

Moesha Boduong litters social media multiple times a day with semi n*de shots, bikini shots, twerking vids – you name it, she’s done it.

However, she’s worried people judge her on the kind of pictures she puts up on social media.

In a recent Instagram post by Moesha, she indicates she might be worried that people are judging her simply based on appearances.

“So just bcuz I take s*xy pictures all the time I gotta be living a life without God!???” Boduong asked on her Instagram profile.

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“Good morning my dear 😃Instagram followers 😃there are people who are always covered but doing the worst and evil things and I don’t think dressing s*xy makes u evil 😁what are your thoughts 💭?” she asked?

If you always put up s*xy pics, people are going to think you’re a s*xy nympho. What are we missing? It’s not rocket science, is it?

GC peeps, what are your thoughts?


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