For the First Time in 4 Years Yvonne Nelson Did Not Celebrate Her Mother on Father’s Day–Because the Father She Does So to Hurt Has Finally Died

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson was so spiteful of her own father to the extent that for the last 4 years, she celebrated her mother on social media on father’s day–and claiming her mother was the father she did not.

If you think she was doing this genuinely to celebrate her mother–then what happened this year?

Yvonne Nelson’s father, the man she so much hated died a few months ago–and now that he is not around for Yvonne to hurt with her words, for the first time in 5 years she did not wish her mother a happy father’s day on social media.

GhanaCelebrities.Com checked Yvonne Nelson’s Instagram page where she does the annual wishing yesterday and also a few minutes ago.

And to our surprise, she did not for the first time in 4 years upload a photo of her mother on father’s day with her usual message that was contemptuous of her father.

So indeed this girl was doing this each year just to make the old man feel bad and not really intending to celebrate her mother huh?

Yvonne Nelson and Dad

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