EDITORIAL: Gbee Naabu is Like the Despot Who Enjoys Freedom of Speech But Hates for Others to Hold Even Unuttered Opinions About Him

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Shatta Wale

In support of Freedom of Speech which Ghanaian musician-Gbee Naabu also known as Shatta Wale has threatened with a recent statement that he will beat the hell out of any Ghanaian blogger he meets–GhanaCelebrities.Com has declared a week of Gbee Naabu, sanctioned by the Founding Editor-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri.

It’s not only hypocritical but also absurd that the outspoken Gbee Naabu, who literally has an opinion on anything and anybody, unfettered by the size of his mouth. And insults people and institutions almost every day, illegitimately doing so on the back of Free Speech has decided to curtail Press Freedom by serving Ghanaian bloggers with threats.

Of course, Free Speech is not absolute but even that, threats of violence against press men is not a legitimate restrictive mechanism under any law.

Interestingly, Gbee Naabu still faces a lawsuit bordering on abuse of Free Speech and we mean, his issues with Charter House. Yet, today, he’s declared war on Free Speech in a psychopathic manner as he seeks to control what Ghanaian bloggers say about him.

Gbe Naabu has always been on the warpath with bloggers, claiming they publish lies about him, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was his recent cancelled US shows, which reports put down to his inability to acquire a US visa.

Pissed off Gbee Naabu, therefore, says anyone he meets who reveals themselves to be a blogger would face his wrath.

“One of these days if I meet you and you identify yourself as a blogger, I will beat you and put a live cam on you so that your colleagues will see how disgrace looks like. All the time Shatta Wale has done this, he has done that”, he threatened.

“My promoters for the 1st July Show in the US messed up but I am coming there live and you guys will see me…those bloggers and haters who are saying I have been bounced a visa will be shamed. I am a very dirty talented artiste….I am the happiest artiste in Ghana” he added.

Resorting to violence seems to be the only solution to problems Gbee Naabu and his crazy fans can come up with in their tiny brains.

Considering the extent to which Gbee Naabu enjoys Free Speech; freely throw insults and his opinions everywhere, his attempt to prevent others from doing the same resembles the story of a despot who enjoys Free Speech but hates for others to hold even unuttered opinions about him.

For Free Speech to triumph, open your mouth wide like a dog and shout “Gbee Naabu.”

This is one of seven daily publications to be made for the next 7 days–in support of Press Freedom.