‘Belief Is Not Logical’ – Pastor Mensah Otabil Explains Why Paying $5,000 For A Miracle Is Not So Strange

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Pastor Mensa Otabil

Head pastor of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensa Otabil, says belief is not logical, it goes beyond logic and can reap massive rewards for those who believe.

Much has been made about the so-called ‘special offering’ being requested at the ICGC Greater Works conference where one can pay as much as $5,000 for a miracle; and Otabil’s defence is that belief does not make sense in the normal sense of things.

Obviously, that’s what he would say, because using logic one can easily deduce paying $5,000 for a miracle is hogwash!

For years atheists like the founding editor of this blog, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri and yours truly have argued that the demands of religion makes no sense, and here is one of the biggest pastors in the country confirming just that himself.

Speaking at the Greater Works conference, Otabil painstakingly explained why belief goes beyond logic and that it’s actually a ‘blank cheque’ from God.

“Beliefs goes beyond logic. Logic will tell you what is probable or things being equal. Logic will tell you that if you have a thousand cedis in your account, then you can spend thousand cedis because that is logical. Beliefs will tell you that if you have five loafs of bread you don’t feed five people.” Mensa Otabil said.

“Belief will tell you that if you have five loafs of bread you can feed five thousand; that is not logical. Now, many times if we say we believe, we believe according to logic, so even what you are believing for is a just progression of logic,” he continued.

He added: “I want you to stretch your faith and you are going to believe according to what is written and what I want you to believe is He says all things are possible, I don’t know what that is to you but it is a blank cheque”

Mensah Otabil wants you to give him your money, and Mensa Otabil wants you to shut down your brain whilst doing it – because belief is not logical. If you believe this scammer and give him your money, I have a great wall in China I’d like to sell to you.

Watch Otabil’s remarks below…


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