Yvonne Nelson’s Baby Daddy Exposed: Full Name is Jamie Roberts And Here is A Photo from His Wedding to His Wife in London

On 1st November, GhanaCelebrities.Com reported that Yvonne Nelson’s invisible baby father is allegedly someone’s husband–and now, mounting evidence seems to confirm this.

Apart from published screenshot conversation of a Nigerian woman who claims to be his wife, GhanaCelebrities.Com has identified the baby daddy as Jamie Roberts–and the Nigerian wife as Keela Harrison.

We’ve also obtained what looks like a photo from their wedding in London, indicating that indeed Jamie and Keela married.

With Keela saying there has not been any divorce yet, it seems the reason why the man who got Yvonne Nelson pregnant could not marry her is that he’s married to another woman–with whom he has kids.

Yvonne confirmed in her interview with WOW Magazine that, Jamie has kids with another woman.

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Aside these interesting findings, the wife of Yvonne Nelson’s baby father has described him as useless, the same man Yvonne claimed is responsible.

The wife in what’s said to be a leaked chat said Jamie is a “lazy ass, broke ex-convict and woman abuser.”

Keela Harrison-Roberts (Theglamannequin)


Yvonne Nelson’s rival-Keela

Yvonne Nelson baby bump

Yvonne Nelson baby father ‘Jamie’

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Screenshot 2017-11-14 at 19.58.32

See Yvonne Nelson’s rival commenting on her husband’s Instagram photo


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