Kalybos Is Too Jovial And Funny For Me To Date Him–Ahuofe Patri

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Patricia Opoku Agyemang, widely known as Ahuofe Patri has ruled out any chance of dating Kalybos.

Ahuofe Patri and comedian Kalybos rose to stardom following their lead roles in the popular ‘Boys Kasa’ comedy series by Kofas Media.  

Speaking on Etv’s ‘Late Night Celebrity’ show, Ahoufe Patri stated without mincing words that she and Kalybos can remain just friends with no strings attached, according to an Etv Ghana report.

She went on to indicate that, there is no chance for her to date Kalybos even though he is funny, fascinating and she finds him attractive.

There have been rumours surrounding Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri on whether they are dating or not since the popular ‘Boys Kasa’ comedy series hit our tv screens a few years ago.

Many people are of the view that the two could be dating secretly, watching the rapport created between them in the ‘Boys Kasa’ comedy series even though Ahuofe Patri has ruled out the possibility of dating Kalybos on several platforms.

However, Ahoufe Patri’s response on the show indicates that nothing of that sort can happen.

Ahuofe Patri further described Kalybos as a jovial person and enjoys his jokes whenever she is with him but dating him or anything of that sort won’t happen.

“He is very jovial and funny. Even when I try discussing something serious with him he only cracks jokes,” she said. “We can never date because there is no chance at all for us to date,” Ahoufe Patri hinted.

Ahuofe Patri still has hopes of pursuing her acting career after starring in ‘Boys Kasa’ comedy series.

She is now the principal character in Cocoa Brown series and recently featured in Kuami Eugene’s ‘Angela’ hit music video.


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