(Photo) SarkNation Queen, Tracy Sarkcess Appears Beautifully In A No Makeup Photo

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Tracy Sarkcess, you can call her the ‘Jerusalem pillar’ behind the success of the boss of Sarkcess Music–King Sark. Tracy has been acknowledged by Sarkodie in most of his songs as being the supportive woman behind his music success.

Even though most of the female celebrities cannot appear in public without putting on the usual thick cemented make-up just to look artificially beautiful, Tracy Sarkcess as she’s popularly called has joined the few female celebrities who will at any given time boldly upload photos of their natural face on social media without applying any makeup.

Tracy, the wife of one of Ghana’s best rappers–Sarkodie, even though very silent in the media space has dropped a no make-up photo of herself on social media. It is obvious she looks very pretty in her natural face judging from her photo.

She has lived up to expectation because she has never been found trending for any negative news unlike most of the female celebrities, who are always in the media for the wrong reasons.

Even though the motive for uploading the photo is not known but it indicates that, with or without make-up, she is still beautiful.

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