I Can’t Wait For My Kids To Grow And See My N*Ked Photos Online – M3nsa

Wanlov and M3nsa have posed totally n*ked for the pictures countless times and even in their Coz Of Moni musical movie so Ghanaians who know the FOKN Bois wouldn’t be surprised about their stance on nudity.

However, some Tv/Radio presenters who probably have no questions to ask this duo keep asking them the same question about their xxx photos and they keep getting the same response. According to Mensa,  speaking again on his n*ked photos, he has no regret at all for his private part being popular in the web space.

The father of two daughters born to a Nigerian wife actually told Regina Van Helvert on Gh One Tv that he can’t actually wait for the kids to grow and see those photos.

He explained that being n*ked represents freedom and day those photos were published was a remarkable time for him.

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because for me that’s freedom and you know what the thing is that it’s a sign because the day the picture came out was the day my 2nd daughter was born,” M3nsa said.

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He elaborated that being n*ked is the natural form man was born and he’s no problem with it apart from people s*xualizing nudity which shouldn’t be so because he sees it as art.

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