(Watch Video) “Women Can Also Experience Premature Ejaculation” — Dr Adu Boateng

Premature ejaculation is perceived by many to be a s*xual related disorder associated only with men, but there is a new revelation that women too can experience premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation can be termed as the inability of a person to extend s*xual pleasure to the normal stipulated time of s*xual stimulation.

Dr Adu Boateng, CEO of Endpoint Group of Companies has revealed at the Orgasm conference that women can also experience premature ejaculation like men do. He said this at the Orgasm Conference which was held on December 26 at the Trade Fair Centre, Accra.

Dr Adu Boateng revealed this to answer a question asked by one lady at the conference “a friend of hers have never experienced an orgasm during penetration but experiences it only during foreplay, is that also a medical problem?”

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“Women can also experience premature ejaculation. If a woman has never experienced orgasm during penetration then she is suffering from premature ejaculation,” Dr Adu Boateng responded.

The Orgasm Conference was organized by controversial marriage counsellor, George Lutherodt with the aim of educating and sensitizing married couples on the dos and don’ts of s*x and marriage.

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Speakers who graced the Orgasm Conference were lawyer Maurice Ampaw, Rev Mrs Gloria Kobi and Dr Adu Boateng of Endpoint Homoeopathic clinic.

Watch the video.

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