Close Down GBC If They Can’t Stand The Competition — Edem

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The collection of TV licence fee has stirred up a lot of debate in the traditional and social media space with the majority of Ghanaians vehemently talking against its implementation.

Now hiplife rapper, Edem has jumped onto the bandwagon of protesting, saying “it is a shame to fund the state broadcasting channel “.

The rapper in a tweet admonished GTV to stop operation if they cannot face the competition from private television stations.

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“If national TV can’t face the growing competition on the television or in the media industry please close down..,” Edem tweeted.

Edem also stressed that the TV Licence fee is a total cheat!

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“Don’t syphon money from us in the name of TV license.. Instead of spearheading the payment of royalties, u want to rip us off.. Such a shame,” he added.


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