Patapaa Goes Mad, He Got Off The Plane And Started Walking On The Tarmac, He Says Kumchacha Has Cursed Him

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Reports indicate that ‘One-minute’ celebrity, Patapaa is in serious psychological trauma and has accused hilarious prophet, Kumchacha for being the cause of his predicaments because of his recent utterances about him [Patapaa].

But prophet Kumchacha who is the founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministry has refuted those claims by the ‘One corner’ hitmaker that he [Kumchacha] is behind his psychological trauma.

According to reliable sources, Patapaa who was billed to perform at a concert in Nigeria all of a sudden got off the plane and started roaming haphazardly on the tarmac. Patapaa got on board again with the help of a cabin crew, he would have missed the concert.

The majority of Ghanaians have blamed it on Prophet Kumchacha who claimed he buried CDs of Patapaa’s ‘one corner’ hit song.

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Prophet Kumchacha in an interview with Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV said, “As an anointed man of God, I bless not curse people so fans of Patapaa cannot blame them”.

The Prophet added that he does not curse rather he blesses people and has not cursed Patapaa even though he is against Patapaa’s ‘One corner’ song.

“God has given me the power to heal, improve the lives of people, not power to destroy or kill so I will never hurt Patapaa”, he said.

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The ‘man of God’ believes that Patapaa has sinned against God and he should plead for forgiveness from God.

The prophet alleged that fans of Patapaa have threatened to kill him but he said, “I’m not afraid because angles are protecting me 24 hours”.





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