Afia Schwar Is Really A Comedienne — After Sleeping With Someone’s Husband For Years To Get A Place To Lay Her Head In Accra She Now Opens Her Mouth To Arrogantly Tell Moesha Sleeping With Someone’s Husband Is Not A Career

Wait, are there two Afia Schwarzenegger’s in Ghana? Because I seem to remember distinctly that there was a certain lady known as Afia Schwarzenegger who dated a married man for years, one Pastor Yaw Boakye.

Afia maintained she was married to Yaw Boakye whilst he denied ever marrying her, and she stayed in his house in Accra for over three years until she was forcibly thrown out.

Afia literally did the same thing Moesha just talked about as Boakye was married to another woman at the time but she’s now found her moral compass to attack Boduong.

Well it’s Moesha who has goofed now and every Tom, Dick & Harry can run their mouth about her therefore it’s no surprising Afia Schwar has entered the fray to show off her strong, independent woman story which started in Yaw Boakye’s house.

Penning an open letter to Christiane Amanpour on social media, Afia blasts Moesha and said she is the only one engaging in such lifestyle but other strong women are looking out for themselves.

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Some people got no shame indeed!

Read Afia’s hypocritical post below…

Dear @camanpour
Our economy in Ghana is so very bad..yes some landlords demand thousands of dollars as an advance payment of rent,
But dating someones hubby is not a career,sleeping with a man in exchange for anything is prostituition…
We have young ghanaian women like myself doing wonderfully well,working very hard,giving our family the best,building homes for orphans,putting some street kids back to school,Farming to feed orphans without sleeping with people’s husband…
We have young ghanaian women that can buy themselves a house as a birthday gift,purchase a bmw X6(2016 model) as a 2015 christmas anytime we want,buy ourselves the most expensive jewellery without having to sleep with anything
Our economy is not good but we work our ass off.. WE CUT OUR COAT ACCORDING TO OUR FABRIC,we dont live for social media likes…we dont pretend to be who we are not in order to belong..
We study to improve us…
Dating married men becos of bad economy will be the most useless statement ever made..
Hey Mo mo,what the f*ck are u saying…so now our president should go and date a “married man” for our economy to be good??
@camanpour..You should have asked her if the married man is above the economy…
For christ sake not every ghanaian woman is that lazy….and the young woman working on ur nails Christiana is a typical example.
Good day.

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