Photos Indicating Moesha’s ‘Tundra’ A$$ Is FAKE Pops Up On Social Media

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You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that Moesha Budoung’s ‘Tundra’ a$$ is fake judging from some old photos of her trending on social media.

A day ago, a ‘slay queen’ alleged that Moesha’s a$$ is fake–apparently she went for an injection or a surgery to get her ‘Tundra’ a$$ to augment her ashawo business.

Well, photos of Moesha having flat a$$ have popped up on social media, a clear indication that she truly went for a$$ enlargement surgery.

In short, Moesha was a flat a$$ lady until she went for a surgery to enlarge her a$$.

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Check out the grided photo.

Moesha Buodong

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