Our in-House Lingo and Their Meanings–From Ashawobrity to Yaanom


GhanaCelebrities.Com is a living platform: we are not just highly annoying, we also have several specially invented words, which have specific meanings to our writers and readers.

This is the page where we explain what a particular lingo means, whenever you find it in any of our writings. We are that special and specific.

Some of these words are coined by us, others have been adopted and given specific meanings.

Ashawobrity: (Noun)

A Ghanaian celebrity who claims to be a celebrity but in fact sleeps with men for financial gains—and to fund her lavish lifestyle which she sometimes proudly showcases on social media.

Example: Moesha

Yaanom: (Noun)

A bunch of deluded stupefied persons, usually bitter women, who hang around on social media and hate to see other women make progress in life, especially when it comes to a relationship. These people are inherently bitter and will insult other women who have stable enviable relationships or marriages on any given day.

Opportunism Feminism (Noun)

A cheap philosophy by Ghanaian social media feminists that a true feminist should never quit her career, ambition or give up anything for a man as this fosters Patriarchy, except when the man is rich and famous such as Prince Henry.

Example: Meghan Markle

Social Media Feminist (Noun)

An individual who is absolutely ignorant about real feminism and yet parades herself/himself as a feminist on social media for LIKES and Followers—churning out absurd rhetoric, concepts, opinions and twisted facts. Mostly, such a person is single and unemployed and groundlessly attacks men.

Tundra (Adjective/ Noun)

It simply means humongous: as an adjective, it is usually used to describe the noun, ass, and as a noun, it simply means humongous ass.

Gbee Naabu (Adjective/ Noun)

As a noun, it means extra-large mouth or lips. And as an adjective, it describes a person’s mouth.

Example: Shatta Wale’s mouth

Snow (Noun)

Borrowed from the popular TV Series Game of Thrones—which means bastard.

Note that we keep updating this list–so regularly check it anytime you come across a new unfamiliar word in our writings. 

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