Fans Spot Ahuofe Patri’s Ugliness In Her Latest Photo And Trolls Her; Is She Still Smoking “Weed”? (PHOTO)

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Alleged “wee” addict, Ahuofe Patri has been trolled by fans for posting an ugly photo of herself on Instagram — obviously, this is the first time Instagram users are telling the plain truth.

Ahuofe Patri before news of her combination of “Bob Marley-Peter Tosh” “wee” smoking behaviour looked very gorgeous in her photos so the question still remains what happened to her beauty?

Of course, “wee” addiction can make one look so ugly and emaciated and this without a shred of doubt could be the reason for Ahuofe Patri’s ugliness as described by brutally honest Instagram users.

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The majority of Instagram users who spotted the thick-clayed makeup photo of Ahuofe Patri described her as ugly and even questioned why she has all of a sudden turned this ugly?

Is Ahuofe Patri is still smoking “wee”?

Check the photo below and give it a perfect caption.

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