My Boyfriend F*cks Gay Guys For Money To Add Variety To My S£x Channel — Snapchat Wh*re Ama Korea

The snapchat s£x channel business is booming and many young Ghanaian ladies have decided on that as their profession which they are enthusiastically engaging in.

Pioneered by Queen Farcadi and her likes, many more younger ladies are now joining the business, shamelessly selling their bodies to feed themselves.

One of the big snapchat wh*res of the moment is one lady known as Ama Korea.

Ama Korea does all you think she does on her channel, and more. On her free Snap account she gives teasers of herself stripping and doing other tame stuff but for the crazier stuff you have to subscribe to her premium account to watch her having s£x or to give you a personal strip tease session, all for cash of course.

Ama Korea recently spoke with Chris Handler of Ghbase and made some more revelations about herself.

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According to her she has a bis£xual boyfriend who is really supportive of her and even appears on her channel sometimes to bang gay guys.

“We are just a crazy couple. People don’t understand us but we don’t really care that much. My guy also f*cks gays who are lonely. I even have this strap dildo, that I even use to f*ck him as well….lol…. I know it will sound weird to us, but being weird is soo cool.” she said.

“My boyfriend is really crazy. He understands me and we were made for each other. He has his own business and live in Trassacco and is comfortable in life but he just loves trying crazy adventures just like me. It’s fun making other people happy.”

For her selling her body is a way of life and she’s very comfortable doing it, probably raking in cash people busting their a$$ 9 to 5 in offices can only dream of making.

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