VIDEO: “Yaanom” Will ‘Cry’ After Watching This Video Of Becca And Naija Husby ‘Chewing’ Their Lips

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Becca & Tobi

Ghanaian songstress, Becca and Nigerian husband, Tobi Daniel are the newest couple in town and they aren’t losing guard at all ─they are really enjoying themselves after their lavish wedding.

Becca and Tobi got married in August 2018 and from all indications, they are still enjoying their honeymoon either in Nigeria or somewhere in Europe.

There were rumours that Tobi is a married man with kids days after their marriage but Becca never gave a hoot about those media rumours and here they are ‘chewing’ their lips on social media to the discomfort of single and lonely “Yaanom”.

In a video sighted by on Instagram, the lovebirds are seen together beside a swimming pool on top of a building ‘chewing’ their lips as if their survival depends on it.

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Becca is indeed swimming in the pool of love as it was written all over her face ─she was full of smiles like a fulfilled lady.

Watch the video below.




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