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Big Brother Africa Season 9 Auditions Announced for Ghana

Posted on 13 Jun 2014 at 6:10pm

The ninth edition of Africa’s biggest reality series BIG BROTHER AFRICA kicks off in September and already fans are asking…who will the new housemates be? Who will find their names and their faces gracing newspapers? Who will become the subject of drive time radio and just who will find themselves trending on all social media platforms?

Unlike previous years, this year’s entry process is slightly different as potential housemates are invited to come in their numbers for auditions in their respective country venues. Auditions will take place at Ghana – Accra (Holiday Inn Hotel Airport) on 5 and 6 July 2014

AfricaMagic has always been associated with unearthing, nurturing and recognizing talent from around the continent; and Big Brother Africa is one of the shows that have become known for transforming ordinary citizens into stars.

“We are very grateful and remain pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming response that the show has been receiving over the years. We look forward to the selection of our potential housemates coming in large numbers to auditions at the specified venues and take that chance at being the next Big Brother star,” says M-Net Africa Regional Director (West Africa) Wangi Wa-Uzoukwu.

“The fact that the fans truly adore the show is all the motivation we need to keep it fresh and that is always made possible by the enthusiastic and fun-loving young Africans who will answer to Big Brother. We are rearing to go and we know that this will definitely be another exciting season that is full of quality entertainment!” she adds. (more…)

New Music: ‘Forgetting Me’ By Efya

Posted on 15 Jan 2014 at 9:20pm

Still pushing forward with her career with the hope of obtaining the attention and appreciation she deserves one day, Efya has released a new single ‘Forgetting Me‘ off her upcoming studio album-Love Genesis.

Despite scoring many small scale gigs in Ghana and a few out of Ghana concerts ones last year, we still think Efya could have done far better. With a new single out already, it definitely looks like it is going to be a bigger one this year…

Check out the song below

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If You Are Using A Phone/Apple, Click Here

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Biological & Never Known Father of Dillish, Big Brother Africa Winner Shows Up | Money Indeed Talks

Posted on 05 Sep 2013 at 2:34pm

Who knows the nursery rhyme that goes ‘when I was a poor man, my family didn’t know me, when I was a rich man, my family wrote a letter…go and tell my family, still I am a poor man!’ Dillish has apparently never met her Biological father.

The man literally took the high road after getting her mother pregnant during a peacekeeping mission years back and stopped responding to her messages. The Kenyan however showed up to confirm he is Dillish’s father after she made it known she wanted to meet her biological father.

I guess money gets you far indeed huh?

As reported by Kenyan website ghafla;

Dillish’s mother, Selma Pashukeni has confirm to Standard Group that Guyo is indeed is the BBA winner’s real biological dad.

In a Google hangout organized by the Kenyan Embassy in Namibia and the Standard Group, Selma and Guyo were able to talk to each other for the first time in close to 23 years. The hangout was witnessed by the Kenyan Ambassador to Namibia, Peter Gitau, Dillish’s uncle and aunt.

According to SDE, emotions ran high as Selma positively identified the former KDF soldier. The two former lovebirds took a stroll down the memory lane as they relived their last moment together at the airport where they last saw each other.

Guyo explained that while he tried his best to keep in touch, his hectic army schedule and the extremely slow communication modes hindered him from communicating.

Dillish’s uncle was quick to remind Guyo to visit Namibia with loads of money as gratitude for all the work he did raising up Dillish in Guyo’s absence.

In the end, Guyo has been invited to Namibia to celebrate Dillish’s 23rd birthday on the 16th of September.

Is there a happy ending in this situation?

Listen To Sullu’s Song For His Ruby Ruby Selly!

Posted on 27 Aug 2013 at 9:32am

Big Brother Africa the Chase is over? No, not until you hear Sulu’s special song for his Ruby mates especially His Ruby Ruby Selly.

The housemate who was evicted on July 29th obviously went home with his love for Selly still growing stronger. And the musician in him did not sit and do nothing about it. He sat and composed and put together a nice from dance tune perhaps in a last attempt to get Selly’s attention.

Although Selly is too in love with Praye to even notice him, he also made sure to announce that he is coming to Ghana whether Selly likes it or not. So we are expecting him to show up in Ghana one of these days!

Sulu, the Zambian lad will be remembered for being very funny and outspoken. He made his attraction towards Selly well known form an early start and although she left him for Nando which hurt him very much, he is obviously still carrying a torch for his dearest fellow housemate-Selly. This is good news if you ask me. So Selly, If Praye Tietia starts misbehaving, you know where to run off to!

Listen to Sulu’s Ruby Ruby below…

BIG BROTHER AFRICA: Namibia’s Dillish Wins Big Brother Africa Season 8– The Chase

Posted on 25 Aug 2013 at 8:12pm

Congratulations to Naminia’s DIllish for winning this years Big Brother Africa-The Chase after 91 long days in the house.

Dillish managed to beat Zambia’s Cleo who placed 2nd and Ghana’s Elikem-3rd to win the 300,000 USD cash prize.

A bit disappointing for Ghana but the best has won and we congratulate her…

This year’s finale live show was attended by all of the previously evicted housemates with Sulu R2bees, Ice Prince and others mounting the stage to perform…

This year, GhanaCelebritis.Com extensively covered the 91 days Reality TV Show, courtesy GC Staff-Edith Faalong.  Click Here To See How We Covered It From Day 1

BIG BROTHER AFRICA SEASON 8: The Chase Update- Today’s Eviction-Bimp & Angelo Out!

Posted on 18 Aug 2013 at 8:27pm

We know the housemates who went to the gallows today but let’s find out who got chopped out of the three; Dillish, Bimp and Angelo.

Big brother announced that two housemates will be going home today and then went to give us a recap of the week’s nominations before moving in to Kaakie’s energetic performance.

The kickass performances seem to be telling well on her figure as she looked fit and trimmer than usual on the Big Brother stage. Or was it just their angles of shot? Well all I know is Kaakie looked trim today and sexy too.The boys were drooling over that ‘toh badht dancehall Nikki Minaj kind of body!’

As always, we went over to Feza to check out how she is doing right after Big Brother and she is not doing badly at all.

To the night’s business; Bimp got kicked! I predicted him first remember?

Well I had my information very right. Great guy and great company he was to us all these weeks. He isn’t somebody I like seeing go but hey!

My second prediction was wrong though. Dillish stayed and Angelo went home!

Africa sure does love the finest! Congratulations to Dillish for making it to the big finale.

Do you want to catch up on Kaakie’s ‘bootylicious’ performance? Watch it here…

Now the heat has just been turned on as Cleo, Melvin, Beverly, Elikem and Dillish head to the finals to battle it off. Will Beverly survive the week without her Beau Angelo? Will Angelo get crucified by his real life fiancée?

And who takes home the cash? At this point, I do not even want to know about anybody but home boy Elikem. I am cheering him all the way.

Let’s go there Ghana!

Big Brother Africa Season 8: The Chase Update-Week in Focus

Posted on 18 Aug 2013 at 2:21pm

Last days are dangerous they say and that is exactly the mood in the Big Brother house lately. It’s hard for nerves to stay calm when everybody knows the hour is almost here when only one person will take home the bank-breaking 300,000.00 USD.

Are they ready to get to the finals and have their hearts broken by being sent home? It’s not easy to get to the finals but after you do, your eyes jump unto the cash. You feel you deserve it for working hard enough to get that far…

Today I am predicting Bimp will be kicked off out of the three. If two go home, I am predicting Bimp and Dillish. I do this according to their order of popularity among voters.

If you missed anything this week, here is a recap of salient happenings.

This morning the house mates were groomed up to look spanking for tonight’s live eviction show.

Saturday’s party was a booty shaking affair with Zimbabwean DJ Otis Fraser after which the ladies were asked to reveal which of the left men would they  like to date if they had nobody outside the house; Bimp, Angelo, Melvin or Elikem?

Beverly chose Bimp but Cleo wasn’t too forthright but eventually said she’d choose Bimp for a Monday, Melvin on a Tuesday and so on. Clever way of avoiding the question huh? That’s what the boys thought.

Which of the men in the house would you choose? I would be lost myself. Maybe Melvin?

The boys also decided to talk about Kim Kardashian and her claim to fame-hmm, touchy topic.

Elikem and Cleo enjoyed a small game of pool and got to know each other more; the boys also got down and dirty with a game of tennis and soccer.

Dillish and Melvin had a small disagreement which they resolved quickly. There was also some indoor booty shaking courtesy Channel O!

Dillish spoke about how hard it has been being faithful to her man and she is beginning to lose her mind. But hey, we need to congratulate Dillish AKA the sexiest girl in the house for keeping it together all this while.

The subject of Beverly and Angelo came up. Being the last standing couple in the house. Do you think they will make it outside the house as a couple?

And tonight, Ghana’s Kaakie is representing and bringing it down during the live show.

Are you ready? I am!

BIG BROTHER AFRICA SEASON 8: The Chase-Who Will Africa Choose To Join Beverly, Melvin, Elikem & Cleo In The Finale?

Posted on 13 Aug 2013 at 4:26pm

With the final round of nominations on Big Brother: The Chase done and dusted on Monday, it’s up to Africa to decide who of Angelo, Bimp and Dillish will be joining Melvin, Beverly, Elikem and Cleo in the glittering finale on 25 August.

Head of House Elikem picked up the most nominations (5), followed by Bimp with 4, Dillish with 2 and Cleo, Beverly and Angelo with 1 apiece – with Melvin not picking up a solitary nod. Elikem used his decisive ‘save & replace’ decision to send himself into the finale next Sunday, putting Angelo up for eviction in his place.

His decision ensured that Beverly, Melvin and Cleo are guaranteed a spot in the finale beside him. Beverly has gone through the entire show without facing eviction, while she and Melvin are also the only duo from the same country, left in The Chase.

Beverly kicked off nominations on Monday morning, naming Dillish and Cleo as her nomination choices, the latter because she sees her as competition.  Cleo returned the favour by nominating the Nigerian because she wanted to see how she’d handle potential nomination stress. Her second nomination went to Elikem because of his HoH status.

Dillish nominated Elikem for the same reason, before choosing Bimp because she sees him as competition. Bimp clearly felt the same way, because he nominated the Namibian for the same reason. His second nomination went to Elikem, not because he was Head of House, but because they don’t get along.

Elikem clearly feels the same way as he set his sights on the Ethiopian. He named Angelo as his second nominee – with the South African promptly returning the favour. Angelo’s second nomination went to Bimp.

Melvin nominated Bimp, saying “everyone is close to me. If I choose one person for possible eviction, It would have to be Bimp”. His second nominee was Elikem, because he could save himself. (more…)

BIG BROTHER AFRICA-The Chase: As The First Ghanaian To Make It To Big Brother Africa Finals, Can Elikem Win The Mighty CASH?

Posted on 09 Aug 2013 at 11:06am

Even if he does not win the competition prize of $300,000, he will surely have something be proud of—as the first Ghanaian to have made it to the finals of Big Brother Africa…

Unless something drastic comes up and Elikem is disqualified, GhanaCelebrities.Com can say he is heading to the finals of this year’s Big Brother Africa reality TV Show after he won the head of house title for next week—-which grants him the power to save himself from eviction in the final nominations show next week.

Immediately Big Brother announced that; next week’s Head of House is Elikem, the Ghanaian boy who has been pretty decent throughout the show was congratulated by his housemates….

“Congratulations man. I’m sure your country is proud of you,” Dillish said to him. Feza from Tanzania also said “look at you being so quiet. This is a first. You’re supposed to be making noise”.

Elikem’s achievement is great and it also shows that, you can head to the finals of Big Brother Africa even if you do not engage in absurd and immoral activities such as cheaply sleeping with Housemates and passing on STD to them.

Where is Selly?

Congrats Elikem!

Selly Of Big Brother Africa Fame Says She Will Not Take Any Court Action Against Nando Because God Has Answered Her Prayers…

Posted on 08 Aug 2013 at 12:05pm

First of all, did Selly really wanted to sue Nando? And for what was she going to sue him? Probably, for being thick and letting the confused guy freely bang her…

We think God did not listen to her prayers though she says otherwise…The way and manner we invoke God in Africa is just silly.

Anyway, Selly says she will not be taking any court actions against Nando because his disqualification is a good punishment from God for all the evil he has done her…

And what about the evil Selly did him by giving him STD? LOL

According to Graphic Showbiz;

Selly has had other ideas. She told Showbiz last Tuesday that she was no longer interested in pursuing any legal action against Nando since “God has intervened and fought her fight for her”.

“No, I won’t take any legal action against Nando because my God has answered my prayer and redeemed me. He has fought my battle for me and today, the whole of Africa has come to see the kind of person Nando is and that is enough judgement for me.

“Since my return, I have been praying to God to intervene and to restore my damaged image but in God’s own way, He vindicated me. Even before Nando was expelled, I was talked out by the organisers of Big Brother not to pursue any legal case against him and I wondered how I could clear my name and restore my damaged image but God had his own plans for me.

“That may have been Nando’s game plan to get me out as a strong contender but God who knows best did not put me to shame”.

Selly told Showbiz that even though she has not heard from Nando after being expelled, she was not ready to accept his apology if he ever rendered one.

“I will never forgive Nando for not only embarrassing me but my family, country and boyfriend who has suffered all the backlash and humiliations all this while. He has really caused harm to my reputation and what he did is just unpardonable”, she stated.

She described her relationship with Nando in the house as “being on good terms” and said that even though she “made out” with him, she made Nando understand they couldn’t go all the way and said “that was when his attitude changed towards me and I couldn’t tell if it was just sheer hatred he had for me.

“The most painful part of it is that, I didn’t have the opportunity to defend myself in the house because I didn’t hear anything like that until I was evicted and I got really hurt because I didn’t even know how my boyfriend’s reaction would be when I got back home but thankfully, he has been a strong pillar behind me” she stated.

Speaking on “life in the Big Brother House”, Selly said that though all the contestants were conscious of the cameras at the beginning, they later got used to the place and behaved normally as they would in their respective houses.

When asked the chances of Elikem in Big Brother house, Selly confessed that though she feared for Elikem’s survival at the beginning of the game following his engagements with some of the women in the house, she could confidently vouch that Elikem is one of the strongest contestants now and could win the 300, 000 US dollars prize at stake.

For now, Selly, real name Selorm Galley who is under the management of ARV Media told Showbiz she is ready to hit the movie industry by storm.

Even before her stint with Big Brother, she had had the opportunity to feature in some movies including African Child which featured some actors like Prince David Osei, Vivian Achor and Ecow Smith Asante. She also played role in Juliet Ibrahim’s yet to be released No 1 Fun.

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