‘Kpa Kpa Kpa’ Man Believes He’s Owed Royalties For The Use Of His Slogan By Some Companies For Their Ads

Posted on 28 Jan 2015 at 6:01pm

Real name Mohammed Akwabei, this gentleman shot to fame when a video of his interview with a Joy News Reporter showed him displaying some impressive lyrical dexterity.

A statement he made during that interview, ‘Kpa Kpa Kpa’, quickly went viral and has even been described as a movement.

Of course, big companies in the country would always want to capitalise on such a current and catchy phrase; and Globacom, LG, and Surfline have all designed ads capitalising on the popularity of the ‘Kpa Kpa Kpa’ saying. Guru also made a hit track based on it.

As he stated in the viral video, Mohammed is an unemployed father of five, and he feels these companies should pay his something for using the phrase he coined. He has been on several local media platforms crying his eyes out, claiming he’s owed compensation for the use of the slogan (more…)

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WTF: Mortuary Man in Ghana Says He Chops Down the Dead Beautiful Women ALL THE TIME

Posted on 26 Jan 2015 at 5:17pm

I have heard this from several upset men who I have turned down but I did not actually believe it happens in real life…

I have had about 4 men tell me in the past that, “you think you are beautiful so you are being difficult, when you die, a mere mortuary man will f**k you for free”. I did not believe this…

But it seems this actually happens since a Ghanaian mortuary man who has been working at the mortuary for about 15 years says, he chops down beautiful dead women all the time–and he is not even ashamed of it.

Apparently, whenever he sees a woman walking about boastfully because she is beautiful, he just says to himself; ‘ ‘you will die oneday and become mine at the mortuary for free’.

OMG! Sleeping with dead women? This is pretty disgusting and pure evil…

Shouldn’t this man be arrested?

Watch the video below… (more…)

The Men of God Continue to Fight While Satan Laughs: Rev. Owusu Bempah Says Archbishop Duncan Williams Turned Against Him Because of NDC

Posted on 26 Jan 2015 at 5:01pm

It’s not a secret that Rev. Owusu Bempah and Archbishop Duncan Williams have in the past threw punches at each other—but until today, most people did not know what caused these men of God who were once ‘friends’ to start squeezing the neck of each other…

According to Rev. Owusu Bempah, it’s because of politics (and money) that Duncan Williams has turned against him. He said “Duncan Williams has turned against me because of politics, although he was the very person who laid hands on me. But when I send my tithes to him, he receives them. I have stopped going to him since he came out to attack me and question my credibility because I had given a prophecy that did not favour President Mahama and the National Democratic Congress.

“The Archbishop came out to question my calling but when I go to his house, he sends me to his bedroom and we sit on his bed and have discussions and when he sees me, he calls me ‘Prophet’. He is not my spiritual father. But he was the one who laid hands on me. That ordination was to have been done by Eastwood Anaba. Salifu Amoako was ordained with me on that day.” (more…)

PDP is Calling on All Nigerians in Ghana | Travel to Nigeria and Vote For that Deserving Candidate-Goodluck Jonathan on February 14 For a Strong & Better Nigeria…

Posted on 21 Jan 2015 at 10:42am

As Aristotle once said, human beings are by nature political animals, because nature, which does nothing in vain, has equipped humans with speech, which enables them to communicate moral concepts such as justice which are formative of the household and city-state.

Soon, Nigeria will go to the polls to elect a president who will steer the affairs of the country. The current government (People’s Democratic Party – PDP) will face other opposition parties who are doing all they can within their powers to win the mandate of Nigerians. Among other things, now is the time for our dear Nigerian brothers and sisters to mull over the upcoming elections in order to make the right choice.

Despite the setbacks facing the current President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, many hold on the belief that he is really working very hard to make the country a safe haven to live in.

Being in charge as the leader of a large and complex country like Nigeria is not a joke…One needs to be discerning, confident, calm and honest, intelligent, good public speaker, compassionate, patriotic, loyal, humble, trustworthy, and above all he/she must have good managerial skills.

It is of no doubt that the current Nigerian president – Goodluck Jonathan – is made up of all the aforementioned qualities; placing him above his competitors. His managerial skills avail him good knowledge to keep Nigeria going. With the above traits, Goodluck Jonathan can be described as one great leader to have emerged in Nigerian politics. It is not surprising that he was named one of the world’s most influential people in 2012.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – President of Liberia – was right when he wrote this about him: “Goodluck Jonathan has spearheaded the fight against corruption and turned Nigeria into an example of good governance. He has also made a significant impact on consolidating peace and security in West Africa. From the onset of our own crisis, Liberia has benefitted from the support of Nigeria. President Jonathan not only upheld the trend but added to it. With leaders like President Jonathan, Africa is sure to move toward prosperity, freedom and dignity for all of its people.” Her claim confirms the fact that President Jonathan’s administration is silently changing Nigeria from a bad situation to a good one. (more…)

Drinking Spot Operator Fined for Disturbing Public Peace | What Happens to the Countless Noisy Churches?

Posted on 16 Jan 2015 at 9:42am

“Touch not my anointed; and do no evil to my prophet.” Perhaps anointed here can also refer to churches since those anointed are found in the house of God.

Churches have always had their way when it comes to putting fear in people, considering the house of God to be extremely holy to be criticised, even when they are wrong. Day in day out, churches in Ghana continue to make extreme and unnecessary noise, disturbing the peace of others who live close by. When such cases are reported to authorities, action is not taken against them making them go scot-free.

Today’s issue of the Mirror reports on a teenager who has found himself in trouble for playing loud music; thereby been fined by the police for disturbing his neighbours.

According to the newspaper, the Amasaman District Court has fined a 19 year old student for making excessive noise by playing loud music at night, which goes a long way to disturb his neighbours. The culprit, Samuel Asare, who is a bar operator was charged GH₵ 350 by the court for using his drinking spot as a medium for disturbing public peace. As if that isn’t enough, Samuel stands the risk of being imprisoned for four months if he fails to pay the fine. (more…)

WhatsApp Is The New ‘Apor’ | 56 Nursing Trainees Sanctioned For Using Application To Cheat During Exams

Posted on 15 Jan 2015 at 8:04pm

I remember the frantic rush for ‘apor’ whenever examinations came around during school times. People were willing to do whatever they could to get their hands on some, so long as they perceived it to be ‘apor kronkron’.

Of course, it did not always work out; and those were the periods you see people coming out of examination halls with long faces, having placed all their hopes on the ‘apor’ which then swerved them faster than a car with an obstacle in its way.

Of course with the world having advanced in so many ways, it was only a matter of time before the search for ‘apor’ caught up with the times. And the method adopted by the candidates for the Nursing and Midwifery licensing exam is a really novel one.

The students smuggled their phones into the examination hall through their panties, sent the exam results out to an external collaborator, who then solved them and sent it back through a group previously created for that exact purpose. (more…)

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KKD Has Been at the Police Hospital for Some Days Now | Bail to Be Requested on Health Grounds?

Posted on 08 Jan 2015 at 2:25pm

It’s obvious Kwesi Kyei Darkwah did not take the rape allegation brought by the 19 year old girl seriously—and this was evident in the manner he and his lawyer appeared in the Court for the first hearing which remanded him in jail.

Yesterday, KKD was reported to have been at the Police Hospital while his lawyers were sweating at the Human Rights Court in an attempt to seek for a bail on arguments which may go like this; though rape is a non-bailable offence in Ghana, the continuous holding of KKD in jail breaches his fundamental Human Rights.

The Human Rights Court adjourned their bail request hearing to January 13 on the grounds that the prosecution did not have enough notice, we are told. And it is shocking as to why the media would have known about this bail application about a week a go but the prosecution was only served a day before the hearing…

After today’s remand in jail by the District Court pending the outcome of the Human Rights Court hearing, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been informed that, KKD is still receiving treatment at the Accra Police Hospital—and as such, we shouldn’t  be shocked if his legal counsel files another application for bail on heath grounds.

For now, it looks like reality has kicked in and KKD together with his legal team have realized, it is not going to be a walk over case…

Also, they seem to have ended their plenty media talk—which we’ve said wouldn’t help their case in Court.

Attempt to Steal Wallet Gets Young Man Burnt to Death in Dansoman

Posted on 08 Jan 2015 at 12:19pm

They like to be called DC, Dansoman City. Unfortunately the Police in DC have a totally different kind of DC to deal with this morning, a Dansoman Corpse.

Citifmonline reports that two gentlemen attempted to rob a gentleman who was bathing of his wallet in the capital suburb Wednesday night. Unfortunately for them, the gentleman came out, saw the two, and raised an alarm that alerted residents in the area.

One of the duo managed to make his escape, but the second guy was unfortunate enough to be captured. In this vigilante system of ours, he was subsequently lynched, then set ablaze. (more…)

KKD Remanded in Prison to Reappear in Court on January 22

Posted on 08 Jan 2015 at 11:55am

Kwesi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) appeared in Court today over the alleged rape charges hovering over his heard, and he has been remanded in prison to reappear in Court on January 22…

A move KKD’s legal team made has come back to bite their butt; they filed an application for bail at the Human Rights Court which was heard yesterday—and the Court requested that they come back on January 13 as the prosecutor complained of only having been served a day before.

As a result of the above, the District Court today said, since they have already made an application for bail at the Human Rights Court, it would be prudent to hear the outcome of that application before it continues with its hearing—which would likely be to transfer the case to a higher court. (more…)

Ghanaian Cocaine Lady-Nayele Ametefeh Sentenced to 8 Years and 8 Months in Prison

Posted on 06 Jan 2015 at 1:03pm

Ghanaian Cocaine Lady-Nayele Ametefeh aka Ruby Appiah who was arrested at London Heathrow with 12kg of cocaine on a fight from Ghana has today been sentenced in London to 8 years and 8 months in prison…

 More coming…

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