Ghanaian Lady Who Tried to Smuggle 12 Kilos of Cocaine into London Has Been on Wanted List Since 2009 in Ghana & Yet She Was Everywhere in Ghana Without Any Arrest?

Posted on 22 Nov 2014 at 4:05pm

Apparently, the Ghanaian lady-Nayele Ametefeh who was arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport with 12kilos of cocaine has been on the wanted list of Ghana’s NACOB since 2009.

StarrFmOnline.Com reports that “a former NACOB Commander at Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport, Anthony Smith – who said he is very familiar with the lady involved in the trafficking saga – made the revelation on Joy FM’s newsfile programme Saturday in an interview with host Samson Lardy Anyenini.

Smith revealed that Ametefeh has several aliases which may have aided her to slip through the security net all this while until her arrest on November 9/10 by UK security authorities at Heathrow.”

The former NACOB Commander stated that, the drug trafficker-Nayele Ametefeh, alias Ruby Adu Gyamfi used the name ‘Ruby Appiah’, to traffic drugs years ago—which landed her on their wanted list.

And the question is; if this lady has been on NACOB’s wanted list since 2009—where has seen been hiding? She was roaming in Accra amongst some of the promiment Ghanaians and yet no from of NACOB could fish her out? (more…)

Austrian Newspaper Says The Ghanaian Lady Arrested At Heathrow With Cocaine Worth Over 5 Million Dollars Must Be STUPID | And We Agree…

Posted on 21 Nov 2014 at 5:55pm

Considering the fact that this woman identified as Nayele Ametefe or Ruby Appiah placed 12.5 kilos of controlled drug-cocaine in her suitcase and walked like a lunatic into Heathrow Airport, one of the most guarded airports in the world shows that—this woman must be fully stupid or perhaps, has some dwarfs who decided her into believe she was invisible.

And we are not the only people thinking so.

An Austrian newspaper, Kronen Zeitung which in its November 20, 2014 edition carried the story of the arrest of Nayele with the headline; “DRUG DEALER WITH DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT” has also said the same…

The newspaper said in German, “A person landing with 12.5 kilos of cocaine in her suitcase in one of the well guarded airports in the world must either be absolutely stupid or must have the most rock solid belief that she is securely guarded by some superior powers.

“In this case the statements from the authorities differ when it comes to the Austrian lady who was caught in London. She is Ghanaian born and the lady pulled out her Ghanaian diplomatic passport to help her gain smooth entry with her stash.

“There were 10 packets in the case, which is the equivalent of 5 million Euros, in her carry-on suitcase causing a lot of commotion at Heathrow airport. (more…)

Starr 103.5 FM Wins An Award Just 4-Months into Business

Posted on 21 Nov 2014 at 1:27pm

The Ring Road-based Radio Station-Starr Fm has been adjudged the Best Emerging Brand for 2014 by the organizers of the Global Professional Achievers awards, just 4 months into operations.

The event took place yesterdayat the Banquet Hall, Accra—and it was attended by the Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Dzifa Gomashie; Teddy Osei, founder of the famous Osibisa group, as well as Members of Parliament and several other high dignitaries.

Receiving the award on behalf of Starr Fm, the CEO-Kwabena Anokye Adisi, popularly known as Bola Ray said “this is the beginning of greater things to come and we give God all the glory”.

Jeff Sowa, Head of Brands and Promotions at Starr FM said the award means the four-month old Radio Station will have to work hard now to prove to the world that the award was well deserved. (more…)

Comedy of Errors: Man Attempts to Sell Stolen Goods Back to Its OWNER, Gets Arrested

Posted on 14 Nov 2014 at 9:39am

The odds of stealing something at Taifa yet getting the same person as a potential buyer when attempting to sell the stolen merchandise at Agbogbloshie must be pretty long; but Daniel Oko Sosu fell on the wrong end of the spectrum and thus found himself in police custody.

Daily Guide reports the suspect is a 32 year old man who stole a generator and a water pumping machine from a woman at Taifa Burkina. The woman happens to own another shop at Agbogbloshie Timber Market, and whilst attempting to offload his stolen goods this criminal genius somehow managed to find her shop and attempted to sell her own goods back to her.

The police was alerted and the suspect was apprehended, and is in the custody of the Kwabenya Police as they continue investigating the matter.

Daniel one early morning went to a shop at Taifa Burkina, manned by the complainant’s son. He asked for the prices of some items, and when another customer came and the attendant went to serve that person he grabbed the items and bolted in the Nissan Primera vehicle he was driving. (more…)

Maurice Ampaw Decides to Withdraw Case Against A-Plus After Meeting Between the Two

Posted on 12 Nov 2014 at 6:45pm

Whoever was bracing themselves for a long drawn-out battle between these two verbal behemoths is in for some disappointment as the two have reportedly patched up their differences and are ready to move on from the court case.

Myjoyonline reports controversial hiplife musician A-Plus and Dr Maurice Ampaw have called a truce after Dr Ampaw sued the musician for defamation.

This all began in the aftermath of the Castro and Janet Bandu saga, when the lawyer went about making some statements implying he had some special information regarding the disappearances, and pledged the information to the public at a certain date, the end of September.

The said date came and went, and when no information was forthcoming the ever controversial Kwame Asare Obeng, known in showbiz as A-Plus, took the legal practitioner to task over his conduct in the entire affair.

Maurice Ampaw promptly sued him for Ghc 1million, yet as we wrote then defamation is a more difficult charge to prove than a lot of people realise, and Lawyer Ampaw surely must have read that article and decided to withdraw his case. (more…)

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Sister of Thomas Eric Duncan Who Died of Ebola Says America Treated Her Brother Like a Dog After Invention & Sending Ebola to Africa

Posted on 12 Nov 2014 at 6:37pm

Mary Pearson, 52, sister of Thomas Eric Duncan who died of Ebola in Texas (the only person to have died of the disease in America) has launched an assault on America, saying, “America invented the Ebola virus to ‘kill Africans’ and deliberately left victim Thomas Eric Duncan to die ‘like a dog’”.

Speaking to MailOnline, Mary Pearson claimed that “the deadly virus was created as part of an experiment to infect black people on the continent – echoing the views of a race-hate preacher who says Ebola was invented to ‘depopulate’ Africa”.

Though Mrs Pearson is the not the only African who believes Ebola was created by America and intentionally, they dumped the deadly virus in Africa—considering what happened to her brother, her sentiments are well understood.

Of the 9 people who have so far been treated of Ebola in USA, Thomas Duncan is the only to have died. And as such, his sister believes he was never given the same level of care that were given to American citizens who contracted the disease. (more…)

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Money Cannot Indeed Make You Happy: Chinese Richest Man-Jack Ma Says He is Not Happy Despite Being So Rich

Posted on 12 Nov 2014 at 11:28am

A lot of us worry so much about being rich to the extent that we fail to live any meaningful life—confusingly putting richness in the same bowl as happiness.

It’s the small things that make life interesting and bring the needed happiness but most of us spend each day cashing money while failing to live..

According to China’s richest man-founder and executive chairman of the e-commerce giant Alibaba, he is not happy about being the richest man in China.

And in fact, being rich puts a lot of pressure on him, contrary to what many people who are not rich think. (more…)

Jehovah’s Witness Dies in UK After Childbirth Because She Refused Blood Transfusion Due to Her Beliefs

Posted on 11 Nov 2014 at 8:35pm

When 40 year old Kwaku Keh from East London was taking his wife to the hospital to give birth, little did he know that her religious indoctrination was what was going to send her on an earlier than planned visit to her maker.

MailOnline reports Adelaine Ekeh gave birth at London’s Homerton Hospital via C-section, and despite needing a blood transfusion after the procedure, refused it on religious grounds.

This is because Adelaine is a Jehovah’s Witness, who refuse blood transfusions on principle. The report says she suffered a fatal infection soon thereafter, with the official inquest noting her decision to refuse blood may have compromised the final medical intervention. It was also listed, amongst other causes, as the likely cause of death.

The origin behind what I can only describe as a strange belief is that Witnesses say blood represents life, and only God is the giver of life. (more…)

Charter House Contracted Shatta Wale For the Recent Tigo Unplugged Concert But Still Say They Are Not Ready For Out Of Court Settlement

Posted on 11 Nov 2014 at 6:37pm

PRO of Charterhouse, Mr. George Nii Armah Quaye, has disclosed that though counsel for Shatta Wale is pleading for out of court settlement in the on-going defamation case, they will not settle for that.

George made this revelation when he was interviewed on Entertainment Ghana on 11th Nov, 2014. “We want the court to settle the matter. Not that we don’t believe in the ADR. It is a very good option that is why it’s there in our laws.

“But looking at the nature of this matter, the personal attacks, insults, there are even certain elements of threats – we want the court to settle this matter for us. At the end of the day, if some damages are pronounced, we all in the entertainment industry will learn from it.

“We want everything to stay at the court. It will be better if we leave both parties to allow the court to handle everything totally so that at the end of the day, we will be able to have a better understanding and work together in harmony.”

The recent Tigo Unplugged concert held at the national stadium saw Shatta Wale perform on the stage – though Charterhouse organized the show. Some have already started speculating that it’s Tigo that contracted Shatta and not, Charterhouse – due to the seemingly friction between them now.

When GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted George, he confirmed that it’s Charterhouse that contracted Shatta Wale. (more…)

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SHOCKING: Ama Boahemaa’s Former Manager Has Come Out To Say That He LOVED and APPRECIATED Ama’s Earlier Bleaching Stages

Posted on 11 Nov 2014 at 5:21pm

Mr. John Mensah Sarpong, who discovered former dark-now-turned ‘Micheal Jackson’ female gospel musician, Ama Boahemaa, has come out to say that he really appreciated the said artist’s earlier bleaching stages.

Just as Itz Tiffany’s recently leaked seks tape is about to take the noise-baton from Ama ‘Michael Jackson’ Boatemaa’s bleached skin saga, former manager, in fact, the executive producer who discovered, recorded, branded, and promoted Ama Boahema, John Mensah Sarpong, has come out to set the fire ablaze with a rather puerile remarks on the whole issue.

“I have seen the stories making rounds in the media. Honestly, I was not happy at it. Now that she is not in Ghana, maybe she might have married a man who likes a fair lady and so if she does not become fair, he will leave her.

“About two and a half years ago, I saw that she had become fair. She sent me pictures of her and her child – but then, her fairness was ok, but now it’s like she has turned white. Then, I really liked her fairness. It was nice, very beautiful. I really admired it!

I saw that she had changed her housing. She has toned her skin. It was not as sparkling as it is now. I really liked it” John Mensah opined. However, he admitted that Ama is by birth or nature, a very dark skinned person which he admired then too.

Listen to what Ama Boahenmaa’s former manager had to say; (more…)

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