Three Arrested in Connection With Arranged Marriage Of A 9 Year Old Girl To A 56 Year Old Man in Ghana

Posted on 30 Mar 2015 at 6:31pm

It’s a real shame that we still have to deal with cases like these despite the age we live in; but it is an accepted fact that change is often a slow process, and for some people they might never change at all.

Doesn’t make it right, it’s just the way it is. All that shows is that often us humans when we get something drilled into us, there is little that can be done to get it out, sometimes even when the belief defies all logic.

A Daily Guide report describes how a 9 year old girl’s stepfather connived with a 56 year old man in their neighbourhood to marry the girl off to him. The incident occurred in Domiento, a farming community in the Bunkpurugu Yooyo district in the North of Ghana.

More tragically, a 25 year old sister of the victim, who was pregnant, vehemently opposed the arrangement, along with other family members. Her own brother, who was in agreement with the forced marriage and is believed to have been benefitting from it, clubbed her to death for her resistance.

Police in town acted swiftly when informed of the incident, arresting the two parties who arranged the marriage, as well the callous brother who clubbed his own sister to death. (more…)

Nollywood Actress-Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Shares Photo of Her 18 Year Old Daughter

Posted on 30 Mar 2015 at 6:21pm

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde’s daughter has turned 18 and she has some kind words/prayer she shared together with the above photo of her daughter on her instagram.

Omotola must really be proud and to be frank, the daughter looks just as beautiful as the mother…

Ghana Embroiled In Two International Disputes Involving Waterville And Cote d’Ivoire

Posted on 30 Mar 2015 at 10:47am

The Attorney General has not exactly given a sterling account of herself to Ghanaians so far, but she needs to be on her best as two international disputes involving Ghana are brewing at the moment.

The most recent one involves Waterville, one of the companies at the centre of the Woyome scandal. Ordered to pay back the state Ghc25m wrongfully paid to them, Waterville Holdings is seeking the International Court of Arbitration to overturn the ruling.

The suit has been confirmed by the Attorney General’s office, and it is up to them now to build a suitable defence to uphold the ruling requiring paying back the money.

The other case, that has been brewing for a while and has officially opened today. That involves Cote d’Ivoire’s claim to some of Ghana’s offshore boundaries, and is being contested at the international Tribunal of the Law of the Sea (ITLOS). (more…)

Ghanaian UK Based Pastor- Prophet Eric Isaiah Adusah Arrested for Killing His British Wife While in Ghana With Her

Posted on 30 Mar 2015 at 9:14am

A Ghanaian UK based pastor and prophet-Eric Isaiah Adusah was arrested a few days ago in Ghana in connection with the death of his pregnant British wife-Charmaine Speirs, also a pastor.

Eric Isaiah Adusah  and Charmaine Speirs were both ordained pastors of Global Light Revival Ministries with branches in London, Manchester and Edinburg and they had travelled to Ghana to attend a church programme organised by the House of Prayer Church International in Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital.

According to a report filed by Rocklyn Antonio for the DailyGuide “The three-day prophetic programme, which was held on March 4 to 6, 2015, is said to have been very successful. Upon their arrival in the country early March,Pastor Eric Isaiah lodged at the Koforidua Guest House while the deceased lived with the host pastor, Bishop Yaw Adu. (more…)

Multimedia Group Says They Can’t Broadcast JOY FM & their Many Other Stations At Night Again Because of ‘Dumsor Dumsor’

Posted on 26 Mar 2015 at 10:35am

‘Dumsor Dumsor’ has killed small and medium scale businesses in Ghana and now it seems to have caught up with even the big companies such as multimedia group, the parent company of Joy FM, Adom FM, Hitz FM and Asempa FM and a host of TV and online networks.

According to Multimedia Group, they will not be broadcasting at night (starting from midnight to 4am) again until further notice because of ‘Dumsor Dumsor’—as it’s taking a toll on their alternative power resource to keep on with the usual around the clock broadcast.

Joy FM reports that; “Chief Operating Officer of Accra Radio, Ekyi Quarm, said over the past three months, when a nationwide power rationing exercise started, Multimedia has been digging deep into its finances to sustain normal broadcasts.

“However, it’s gotten to a stage where we can no longer do that. So since last week, we’ve been going off from midnight to 4am. This applies to our operations in Kumasi as well”, he explained. (more…)

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Ghanaian Man Lynched For Sleeping With Another Man’s Wife

Posted on 23 Mar 2015 at 7:11pm

Seems to me as Ghanaians we have a very shallow understanding of the law- if we didn’t we wouldn’t have this disturbing proclivity towards mob justice that undermines all our protestations of religious morality.

Surely these townspeople do not understand what constitutes and does not constitute a crime. Like my perverted friend DB often says, sleeping with another man’s wife is not a crime. And even if it were, it’s not the responsibility of citizens to mete out justice. You cannot lynch armed robbers, rapists, or murderers; much less an adulterer.

Adomonline reports a 32 year old carpenter known as Paa Willie has been lynched for sleeping with another man’s wife at Adansi Anhwiaso in the Ashanti Region. (more…)

Two Students of KNUST Perish in an Accident While Returning From Church Service | Others in Critical Condition…

Posted on 23 Mar 2015 at 12:49pm

Across the globe, Sunday is often the preferred day when many Christians go to church to worship and praise their God for his guidance and protection. They as well seek for more protection from him in order to do his will.

This was not the case this time around when two students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), who were returning from church yesterday afternoon, lost their lives in an accident, Daily Graphic reports. The incident happened when the church bus they were using hit a tree after veering off the road.

According to the newspaper, the bus was descending a valley on the KNUST campus between the Katanga and the Brunei halls when it skidded off the road and hit the tree. (more…)

Report: Chris Brown Wants Baby Mama Nia Amey to Live With Him

Posted on 21 Mar 2015 at 2:50pm


Chris Browns wants his baby Mama Nia Amey to move in with him, Hollywood Life reports.

The singer who is fathering 9-month-old baby girl Royalty, wants the child and her mother to live with him in his LA apartment.


Presbyterian Church of Ghana Cuts Ties With Presbyterian Church of USA for Accepting Gay Marriage | Says It’s Demonic

Posted on 20 Mar 2015 at 10:35am

This is surely not about demonic—rather, about how civilised the two countries are and the fact that religious dogmatism is the fountainhead of most Ghanaian churches including the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

Following reports that the Presbyterian Church of US has accepted Gay marriage, Ghana’s branch of the same-Presbyterian Church has decided to cut ties, calling the acceptance of homosexuality by some churches as demonic influence.

“They have deviated from biblical principles,” the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev. Professor Emmanuel Martey told Joy News Thursday.

According to Rev Professor Emmanuel Martey, the US Presbyterian church is not a “bible-believing church” and Ghana will have no part in accepting a demonic practice. “It is only the church…the true church that Satan is afraid of. Satan is not afraid of United States army or any other army. It is only the church…the church of Christ,” he told Joy News. (more…)

Achimota Hospital to Be Shut Down Due to Excessive ‘Dumsor’

Posted on 19 Mar 2015 at 10:26pm

Honestly, the current state of the power crisis in Ghana is horrendous. For the past three years, Ghanaians have had to endure the power crisis (popular referred to as dumsor) but residents in Accra have witnessed the worst form of power predicament this year. Many businesses are collapsing and employees are being laid off because the power crunch is affecting productivity of these companies.

The newest entity which will soon join the tall list of businesses that are shutting down is the Achimota Hospital. According to an administrator at the hospital, the excessive power cut is negatively affecting operations at the hospital.

Speaking on Peace FM this evening, he made it known that the hospital has to rely on generator sets for electricity anytime there is power cut. This, according to him, cost the hospital not less than GH₵ 2,000 a day just on fuel.

He continued by saying almost all electrical gadgets owned by the hospital have been damaged due to the incessant power fluctuations the hospital is facing. (more…)

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