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Don’t Be FOOLED | 80% of Women Edit Holiday Snaps Before Sharing On Social Media

Posted on 29 Jul 2014 at 11:37am

I have a friend who will never accept anything he sees in a photo, especially when it has to do with women—unless he actually sees the woman himself.

His argument is, he has been fooled many times by photos women have sent to him—and as such, unless he can do a real life assessment of the situation, he will never buy into whatever is on the table.

And I think my friend has a good point as it has emerged that, 8 out of 10 women ‘edit’ their holiday photos before uploading them to social media so only their slimmest angles are shared.

According to the same research, more than half of women (58 per cent) will remove pictures taken by their husbands or boyfriends to make sure only the most flattering pictures survive. (more…)

Hit-and Run Minister Symptomatic of Bigger Problem in Ghanaian Society

Posted on 26 Jul 2014 at 11:06am

On Thursday night the Deputy Upper East Regional Minister, Daniel Syme knocked down two people whilst driving, then promptly fled the scene without stopping to enquire as to the condition of the two victims.

The two, one Robert Abuley and a woman were riding a motorbike when the accident occurred. Robert Abuley, 37, subsequently died upon admission to the Intensive Care Unit of the Bolgatanga Hospital.

Interestingly, the minister claimed he thought he had hit donkeys, an assertion which infuriated the family of the deceased. More worrying, the Minister is still walking around two days after the incident, with the Police taking no action, not even inviting him in to give his statement.

Now I am no expert in law, but a human being has died and at the very least the police must conduct an investigation to ascertain the facts of the matter as they are. And knocking people down and fleeing the scene must surely be breaking the law.

Anyhow, this whole incident illustrates the disturbing mindset of some individuals in advanced positions in society, who feel that their position gives them a free pass towards the law.

Other than that why would this minister claim he felt he had hit donkeys, and expect people to just buy that story? He probably feels the family are lesser human beings who are probably worrying him over an unfortunate incident.

However as many people have mentioned, including the family of the victim, do donkeys ride motorcycles? (more…)

Gospel Musician-Grace Ashly Caught Cheating in Exams and Suspended From School

Posted on 23 Jul 2014 at 10:36am


Even the Gospel musical evangelists can’t stay true to what they preach and be honest in their dealings. Being honest cuts across all sectors, including activities on campus.

According to Razz Newspaper which comes out every Wednesday in Ghana, Gospel Musician-Grace Ashly has be suspended from school—for examination malpractices.

I know this wouldn’t be news if it was any other student—but as a Gospel musician, the last thing expected from her is to go on a cheating spree…

Is it force to go to school?

Read below for the full Razz Newspaper Report;

Celebrated female gospel artiste, Grace Ashly finds herself in a dire situation that has the tendency of denting her image as a lady, a gospel artiste, a brands ambassador and ultimately, a role model.

The ebullient songstress, who is a Level 400 student at the Methodist University was caught cheating in the end-of-semester examination and has subsequently been suspended from the school for two semesters for her misconduct.

Findings by Razz Newspaper investigations from the school proved that; the artiste was found by the examination invigilators with a foreign material in the examination hall when she sat to write the ‘Constitution’ course paper. The action of taking foreign materials to the examination hall is prohibited per the School’s Examination Rules. (more…)

WTF News: Man Beheads Son over Wife’s Refusal to Sleep with Him in Ghana

Posted on 21 Jul 2014 at 3:39pm


I don’t know how to call this beast of a man but just for you to understand this, I will call him a man because he looks like a man.

He definitely didn’t act like one though when he put his son’s head on a board and chopped it off with his own two hands! Why? Simply to teach his wife a lesson she refused to sleep with him…

What exactly gives a man the right or the madness to think that his wife owes him no matter what? And to kill your child to pay your wife back is pure madness? Isn’t the son for both of you? But I guess because he doesn’t take care of the child, or because he didn’t carry the child for 9 months and push him out, he doesn’t feel any positive emotion towards the child. Such a shame!

Graphic reports that “tragedy struck the Kpeyiborme community, near Kpeve in the Peki District, last Friday when a 37-year-old farmer brutally murdered his three-year-old son”

Gideon Abotsi is reported to have laid his son Sitsofe Abotsi on a wood outside their house and used a machete to chop of his head just to spite his wife’s decision not to have sex with him anymore. (more…)

PHOTOS + Samini to Give 1 Million Solar Lanterns for Free

Posted on 17 Jul 2014 at 8:34am

Ghanaian dancehall artiste Samini has just launched the “Samini Light A Million Lives” project yesterday July 15, at Dancestardom in Accra as part of his 10 years in music.

As part of the “Samini Light A Million Lives” musician will distribute one million pieces of solar powered lanterns in deprived communities in rural areas across the northern part of the country where he hails from.

Samini Light A Million Lives, is a very ambitious project to distribute One Million solar lanterns across the length and breadth of Ghana.

Speaking at the launch Samini stated that it is very important to take social responsibility to the next level where it becomes social investment. As a kid, I had always fancied the idea of using the sunlight to generate light so it is this childhood dream that has led to this project so many years after. (more…)

The Search for Greener Pastures | 6 Men Defrauded by Pastor Who Promised to Send Them Abroad

Posted on 16 Jul 2014 at 9:26pm

This morning we found out how Ghanaians love patronising foreign second hand clothes, to the detriment of the local textile industry. That issue speaks to the love of Ghanaians for everything foreign, to the extent that people would go heaven and hell to find a way to leave this country even without any guarantees of what is waiting for them on the other side.

This proverbial search for greener pastures has landed six individuals in hot water, as a ‘man of God’, Pastor Kwame Wura Bempah of the Christian Faith Vineyard, has been arrested by police for defrauding these people to the tune of GHc 304,020. The good pastor had promised these individuals that he could arrange travel and employment for them in the United States of America.

Now the economy is hard and everything, but if I could raise the amount these individuals had I would probably find a way to make some more money out of it down here in Ghana, but maybe that’s just me. Anyway, it seems it was a pretty elaborate scheme that got these guys, as they were taken to the American Embassy for their fingerprints to be taken, probably giving them the impression the whole process was legitimate and above board. (more…)

Miss Malaika Ghana RETURNS: 2014 Auditions Slated For July 12th

Posted on 08 Jul 2014 at 7:03pm

Right from last year, organisers promised a revamped competition packed with a lot of exciting new twists and turns guaranteed to pique the interest of patrons of the beauty reality series.

Miss Malaika 2013 in its eleventh edition last year saw Over 500 hundred young ladies at the audition and out of them, the final 12 were selected to start the competition. At the end of the series, Naa Oyoe Quartey was crowned Miss Malaika 2013 at a highly successful final event on October 12th.

Come Saturday July 12th, there will be yet another long awaited moment of auditions for the 12th season of the Miss Malaika Ghana beauty Pageant.

The GhOne TV premises will welcome ladies between the ages of 18 and 25 to be part of the auditions. To be part of this audition and possibly to the next stage, ladies must be beautiful, intelligent, bold, eloquent, audacious, courageous, confident, positive and assertive. (more…)

Miss Ghana 2013- Baafi Guiseppine ‘KICKED OUT’ | Organisers Say Her Behaviour Has Been Inconsistent With their Values

Posted on 04 Jul 2014 at 6:25pm

Exclusive Events Ghana, organizers of the Miss Ghana event, the longest running beauty pageant in Ghana, has with immediate effect relieved the reigning queen, Miss Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi of her role as Miss Ghana 2013 Ambassador.

The decision, Exclusive Events say has been reached after Miss Baafi’s decision to stand down as Miss Ghana 2013.

A letter dated July 3, signed by the Chief Operating Officer of the company, Samuel Bokorvie, and sent to Miss Baafi reads:

“As you are aware, upon your crowning as MISS GHANA at the 2013 Beauty Pageant Contest organised by Exclusive Events Ghana Limited, the Franchise holders of the MISS WORLD GHANA PAGEANT you became the Ambassador of the MISS GHANA brand and as a result you were to be mentored and groomed for the MISS WORLD 2014 event.

“To facilitate this grooming and mentoring process, you were housed at an official residence and given a chaperone.

“In view of this elevated status as the Miss Ghana Brand Ambassador you undertook to behave and conduct yourself in a manner that would not bring the brand into disrepute and public ridicule.

“We regret however, that your conduct has not been consistent with your commitment to these values that you subscribed to, on becoming the Miss Ghana Ambassador at your crowning.”

The letter further implored her “to hand over all properties belonging to Exclusive Events Ghana Limited in your possession within five (5) working days of receipt of this notice. “ (more…)

Cecilia Marfo’s Husband Responds to Church of Pentecost | He says Cecilia Hasn’t Been Given Any Official Letter of Suspension from the Church

Posted on 03 Jul 2014 at 8:27pm

Sometimes, some measures put in place by some churches for their members to adhere to cannot be fully understood. News circulating currently indicates that renowned gospel musician, Cecilia Marfo, has been suspended from her church (Ashaiman Area branch of the Church of Pentecost).

According to reports, this action was taken against the musician because she flouted the church laws which do not permit any member of the church to establish a prayer camp outside the church.

In an effort to understand the sanctions that the church of Pentecost has imposed on Cecilia Marfo, Kwasi Aboagye, host of Entertainment Review on peace Fm, reached out to the overseer of the Ashaiman Area branch of the church of Pentecost, Apostle Nene Amegatcher.

According to the apostle, Cecilia Marfo has been denied certain privileges as a member of the church. Nonetheless, she has not been expelled or barred from attending church meetings. “She cannot stand in front of the congregation and sing anymore”, he added.

The most interesting part of the whole issue is that Apostle Nene Amegatcher claim ever since he was transferred to the Ashaiman Area Pentecost Church in September 2012, Cecilia Marfo has never stepped foot in the church before. “I was told she was a member of the church. I have never set eyes on her ever since I came to the church in September 2012. I do call her and advice her not to let music programmes stop her from attending church”, apostle added.

Not long after he made those revelations, Kofi Clement, husband of Cecilia Marfo joined the discussion to narrate their side of the story. In relation to Cecilia not attending church for almost 2 years, Clement made it known that Cecilia was very sick. (more…)

Gospel Musician-Cecilia Marfo KICKED OUT of the Church of Pentecost

Posted on 03 Jul 2014 at 12:33pm

It is quite interesting to hear a Church saying a particular person has no right to be part of them—and this is so because the person has failed to obey certain directives of the Church and not necessarily having SINNED against God.

But then the Church is an association which must have rules which should be adhered to, by its members. God wouldn’t kick any one out for certain things but His Church will do.

Reportedly, Gospel musician-Cecilia Marfo has established a prayer centre, contrary to the provisions of the Church’s directive. She has not really broken any of the 10 commandants but she cannot be part of God’s children of the Church of Pentecost for doing what she probably thinks is right for her and humanity—-which goes against what the church wants.

The Church of Pentecost is one of the most liberal churches in Ghana but it doesn’t seem they have any space to accommodate members who go ahead to establish prayer camps or centres without the Church’s approval or control. (more…)

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