So I Was RIGHT After All? | Kwaw Kese’s Management & MUSIGA Issue Statement Asking the So Called Celebrities to Stop Their Social Media Comments & End the #FREEKWAWKESE Campaign

Posted on 17 Dec 2014 at 3:10pm

On 8th December, 2014 I wrote an article on Kwaw Kese’s police remand and stated among other things that;

“You do not have to be a legal brainer to realize that, you do not start a social media campaign to free a person who has committed an alleged crime that is on the statute book—just because the person is some deluded celebrity.

The free ‘whatever campaigns’ come into force and have the tendency to bring change when an alleged crime is under contention, when the law is deemed as unjust in a particular instance or when an arrest/detention does not follow the rule of law or due process.

You do not gather a bunch of people on social media to try and pressure the judiciary into freeing someone when the law is well established, uncontested and unjust. And your celebrity friends cannot make any real impact in seeking your release by just loosely talking on radio or randomly visiting you in jail.

If these people do not know this; let me point it out to them that the old boys club-the judiciary hates this sort of immature intimidation and the more it continues, the more the judge will seek to define the borders by letting everyone know that he is in charge, with the power to set free or do otherwise.”

Today, MUSIGA and Kwaw Kese’s management- MadTime Entertainment have issued a joint statement asking all those ignorant celebrities to end their social media comments. And also to end the laughable #FREEKWAWKESE campaign—adding that, such activities go to worsen the plight of Kwaw.

I guess some people are now beginning to see what we saw long ago. Perhaps, it’s too late!

Read the full statement below; (more…)

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Ugandan Maid in Child Assault Video Receives 4 Years in Jail | Is the Sentence Appropriate?

Posted on 15 Dec 2014 at 11:51am

The Ugandan maid at the centre of the released video showing her mercilessly beating an 18 month old girl has been sentenced to four years in jail by a court in Kampala.

Chief Magistrate Lilian Buchan told the culprit, 22 year old Jolly Tumuhirwe that she had committed an ‘unjustifiable and inexcusable’ crime, before going ahead to slap her with the four year sentence.

Tumuhirwe had earlier pled guilty to the charge of torture and faced fifteen years in jail.

Considering the severity of the action she was caught carrying out some people might feel she got off lucky with this sentence she has been slapped with. (more…)

Man Attempts Suicide in Volta Region Because His Girlfriend Dumped Him

Posted on 13 Dec 2014 at 11:39am

Fortunately Ghana does not have a suicide problem like many other countries the world over. We tend to see the positives in situations, mainly because we have a lot of faith in a higher power and we are willing to stick around to enjoy some of that never coming divine grace.

On the flip side, whenever we hear of a suicide attempt, most at times it’s in relation to a matter of the heart.

That was the case of 35 year old Albert Fia, a fuel station attendant at Kpando in the Volta Region. Graphic Online reports he jumped into the Volta Lake in a rather extreme attempt at suicide because his girlfriend had brought their relationship to an abrupt end.

Luckily for him, a nearby Marine Police team received a tipoff about a drowning man, and managed to rescue Fia without any difficulty.

After being revived, Fia narrated to the police his motives for the action. Apparently he had helped his girlfriend secure passage overseas, amidst fervent promises of eternal love and aiding him to join her overseas soon enough. (more…)

Where is Bishop Obinim & the Other Charlatans in Ghana? | The National Secretariat of the Domestic Violence and Victims’ Support Unit Says Reckless Abuse of People On the Increase in Ghana Done in the Name Of Religion

Posted on 10 Dec 2014 at 2:29pm

We surely did not need the National Secretariat of the Domestic Violence and Victims’ Support Unit (DOVSU) to tell us that, there have been increase in reckless abuse of people in Ghana, done in the name of Religion—because we are all witness to the healing ways of charlatans like Bishop Obinim who can freely step on the stomach of a pregnant woman.

At a recent workshop in Accra, administrator at the National Secretariat of DOVVSU, ASP Lydia Osei Agyemang noted that some churches and prayer camps in the country perpetuated sexual and physical abuse against congregants especially women and children under the guise of religious healing and deliverance.

According to her, some spiritual leaders harassed, humiliated and inflicted physical pain on congregants under the pretext of exorcising them. She said the practice had existed for several years however had been on the increase in recent times with most of them being broadcasted on TV. (more…)

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Prosecution Begins Appeal Of Oscar Pistorius’ Sentence

Posted on 10 Dec 2014 at 10:26am

It seems this case is not going to bed anytime as the Prosecution have began their case to push for a harsher sentence for ‘The Blade Runner’ Oscar Pistorius.

Pistorius was sentenced to five years in prison after being convicted of culpable homicide rather than the higher murder charge; in the case of the Valentine Day’s shooting of his then girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Judge Thokozile Masipa, who heard the original trial is also the one presiding the appeal hearing; pursuant to South African law where the original judge has to rule on the merits or otherwise of the appeal. (more…)

Court Forces Jehovah Witness Family to Allow Their Badly Burnt Son Receive Blood Transfusion

Posted on 09 Dec 2014 at 2:21pm


As to why a judge has to force parents to give their so proper medical attention should be the central mystery here; but Jehovah’s Witnesses and their stance of refusing blood transfusions in all instances is nothing new and it’s once again making news in the UK.

Mail Online reports that a high court judge ordered the son of two devout Jehovah’s Witnesses be given a blood transfusion despite the strenuous objections of his parents to the procedure due to their religious beliefs.

The Judge indicated that the ruling was in the interest of the boy’s welfare and that whilst he respects the beliefs held by the parents, what was best for the boy’s health had to be done.

If your beliefs clearly put your child’s health at such risk shouldn’t they be examined? (more…)

The Ignorance of Wanlov Da Kubolor, Deborah Vanessa & the Many Others Running #FreeKwawKese Campaign

Posted on 08 Dec 2014 at 6:56pm


I admire Wanlov Da Kubolor on many levels because we share if not the same, similar position when it comes to religion, the ignorance of the masses and the fact that many African charlatans are using religion to enrich themselves to the detriment of their already poor congregation.

However, I am somewhat disappointed at the above comment he made, suggesting that Kwaw Kese should be freed—and of course, his sister-Deborah Vanessa who is more of a thick  head had to join in.

In my earlier article, I outlined the grounds on which ‘free whatever campaigns’ are organised and become effective tool to achieving social justice.

It’s obvious the Kwaw Kese’s situation does not merit the use of such tool—as he is in jail for allegedly breaking a well defined narcotic law just as Rubby Appiah is being held in UK for narcotic related offence.

Day in and day out—and knowing that what Kwaw is charged with is an offence in Ghana and many other countries makes, the #FreeKwawKese campaigners continue to parade their ignorance with their comments. They’ve been struggling to find reasonable ground in the already existing injustice in Ghana; saying, someone committed a crime and was not arrested, therefore Kwaw should also be freed.

Surely, I am not the only one who finds the above deduction offensive, unintelligent and a departure from the rule of law. The fact that the law failed to catch up on someone does not mean, it cannot bring the other to book if he commits an obvious crime.

I have for many times park my car at wrong places and luckily, I have not been fined yet; does that mean if someone is unlucky to be caught and fined, he should not pay the fine because I was never fined?

As my friend always put it; a thief is the person who has been caught. A lot of people smoke weed in Ghana and all around the world, but that does not change the laws of each jurisdiction.

It’s there ridiculously for Wanlov, his sister and others to suggest that because some “big men in Ghana” allegedly smoke weed or are cocaine dealers, Kwaw Kese should be freed!

If the reason being used to demand for Kwaw Kese to be freed is grounded in such loose logic, then it seems Kwaw Kese will have a long hell of nights in jail.

And to those saying Ghana is still in the dark ages because the smoking of weed remains an offence on the statute book, let me remind you that apart from perhaps Holland, any of the extensive liberal western countries will arrest you for the same offence. Try it in UK or many parts of USA and see—and if you think you are a real gangster, try it in North Korea.

All those insulting the judge for remanding Kwaw Kese in jail for the second time can keep doing it; at the end of the day, the judge is by now in his air-conditioned car eating ‘boflot’ while Kwaw is crying in jail—and I am here sipping on my tea about to go to the John Bishop Show while you are upset about someone’s absurdity.

Look, if those who formed the FREE KWAW KESE movement really think the law on weed smoking in Ghana is unjust, what the heck do they expect the judge to do? They should rather match to parliament or mount a protest under the scorching sun in front of parliament for 100 days and maybe, just maybe they would be heard.

The judge remains a custodian of the law—he cannot technically do anything about the law so if you want a repeal or amendment, head to parliament and leave him alone.

Wicked Ugandan Nanny Pleads Guilty In Court | Faces Up To 15 Years In Jail

Posted on 08 Dec 2014 at 12:53pm

The case of the Ugandan nanny who physically assaulted a little girl beyond any sense of reason that captivated the world and raised several issues on how house help should be employed and treated seems to be drawing to a climax.

The nanny, 22 year old Jolly Tumuhirwe, was in court earlier today for her case. She has been charged with torture and pled guilty to the charge according to the BBC.

She faces 15 years in prison, a fine of $400, or both.

The video showing Tumuhirwe abusing the 18 month old girl was a particularly vile one that was certain to leave any person livid with rage at how anyone could be so heartless, particularly towards a child. (more…)

One Person Dead After A Building Collapsed in Cantoments: 12 Others injured

Posted on 08 Dec 2014 at 10:40am

A carpenter working on the construction of a Lebanese restaurant at Cantoments in Accra met his untimely end when the building he and his colleagues were working on just flat out collapsed.

12 others were trapped under the rubble, but concerted efforts from Police and Fire Service personnel led to their rescue and subsequent transportation to the hospital, with nine of them having so far having been discharged.

The deceased, according to Graphic Online, has been identified as Alex, a married man with one child.

The incident occurred around 11:30pm Saturday night, and the police got information early enough to go there; but between them, the Fire Service, and The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), they could not muster the right equipment to begin rescue work right away.

So that’s how the victim stayed under the rubble till the next day, at which point his rescue was rendered moot, since he had already died. (more…)

EXOPA Boss-Ibrahim Sima Who Was Serving 15 Years in Prison for Cocaine is DEAD

Posted on 05 Dec 2014 at 9:35am

The boss of EXOPA Modelling Agency-Ibrahim Sima who was arrested and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for attempting to smuggle narcotic drugs out of Ghana has died while serving his sentence at Nsawam prison.

Ibrahim Sima was arrested on September 7, 2009 at the Kotoka International Airport when a search on his luggage revealed tubers of yam in which were embedded narcotic substances.

Officers of the Narcotics Control Board led the convict (then suspect) to his residents where a bread knife (which was allegedly used to cut the yam) and super glue which was used to seal the items were found and presented as evidence in court. (more…)

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