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Big Brother Shower Hour | When African Women Voluntarily SIGN UP to Be Insulted & Taint Others #EndBBAShowerHour

Posted on 15 Oct 2014 at 10:59am

Apart from the Big Brother concept providing pure entertainment for viewers all around the world, I do personally see any other genuine benefits this reality TV has—except of course to the eventual winner and to the few other participants who may come out with some sort of stardom subsequent to certain gross violations of their personal dignity.

For the purpose of this discussion, I will narrow down the in-house happenings of the many versions of Big Brother to the one we have in Africa, popularly called Big Brother Africa (BBA) which has become an annual ‘something’ to look up to on the continent.

If you are one of the few people who think like me, you may probably have asked yourself what may push someone to be part of this sort of human experiment—that is what it is to me, and nothing more. Except that one person is given a chunk sum of money at the end of the experiment by virtue of the fact that people at their homes have voted for this person as the best in that experiment.

Do not be misled by the amount of dollars the organisers give out to the ultimate winner, the reality TV show is certainly one of the many tacky modern day businesses, being run by certain ‘smart’ people who may have more respect for money than other human beings writes Akosua Abebrese on BrutallyUncensored.Com.

I wouldn’t wholly blame the organizers for staging this unworthy human experiment which basically cages human beings (let’s say desperate human beings) in a house, and place cameras all around the house just for others to relax at their homes and watch these human beings live. Personally, I even struggle to find what is entertaining about watching other human beings sleep or just do whatever they do for about 2-3 months.

But the above is a decision individuals should be allowed to take—as to how they want to use their time, useful or for such things.

My real worry springs from how EXPLOITATIVE organizers of Big Brother Africa have become—and since I am a woman, I will take keen interest in how the integrity of female housemates is uninterrupted disrespected as part of the entertainment the show brings to viewers.

There is this bit of Big Brother Africa called-Shower Hour and this basically is; cameras are also put in the bathrooms for viewers to see the housemates take their shower. And interestingly, each year women participants despite knowing of these cameras take their showers totally NAKED—unmoved by morals or the disgraceful fact that the whole world may be watching.

Perhaps you will need to see a video from the shower hour (provided below) and you will clearly understand the sort of disrespect that these women allow themselves to be part of—all for this thing called fame or money. (more…)

Big Brother Africa Shower Hour…Is This Even Necessary? Paying To See Contestants Nekkid Sounds Like A Real P*rn To Me

Posted on 14 Jun 2013 at 2:21pm

Forget your moral conviction and look at this as a sensible human being. I know many in Africa have refused to see the real world benefits of the whole Big Brother Africa reality TV which is currently in its season 8.

Even if there is no real benefits (which I know there are) out there to the viewers and contestants, the fact that it keeps coming back each year is an indication that producers/organizers and sponsors are maximizing profit.

Over the years, I have paid for GhanaCelebrities.Com to have access to the VIP service which has allowed us to see contestants’ nekkid in the shower—scenes you cannot get access to as a normal viewer.

Though I would never pay for such a service in real life, in order to have a good idea as to what is going on and be able to give accurate reports to our readers, I have always thrown my own conscience away—-so I can pay for this service.

However, I have failed to pay the one-off fee of 70 South African Rand (approximately $8), which gives FREE access to footage of Big Brother Africa housemates under the covers, and during the infamous ‘shower hour’ this year, despite pressure from various GC Staff writers who probably just want to satisfy their perverted minds.

My reason for failing to pay and restore my conscience this year springs from how bad I feel about the desperate desire of young Africans to be famous or win money, which I think is somehow being exploited by the producers of Big Brother Africa…

What is being done is this;  nekkid videos of these contestants are being sold out to people who can afford to pay—nothing different from the numerous pay to watch p*rn websites out there.

It seems the main motive out here is to generate as much money as possible.  And not that organizers want to give viewers around the clock coverage of the house—else, normal viewers would have also been given access to these collection of footage.

I am not sure about you, but I feel sorry that such scenes are being put out there—and the worse of it all, being sold out to the highest bidder…

What is really the point of the shower hour apart from showing ‘pressed’ housemates who have no option that to reveal as much as they can in order to have a decent bath or shower? What is the entertainment in this?

Africa must learn to weed out the chaff when we borrow a concept! This is wrong—SERIOUSLY…


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