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PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Juliet Ibrahim, Captain Planet, Yvonne Nelson, D-Black & Delay

Posted on 04 May 2015 at 6:29pm

Officially, Captain Planet is the Ghanaian Louis Vuitton man, battling the championship with the likes of Yvonne Nelson and Sandra Ankobiah. And perhaps it’s because he will soon launch his fashion outlet-Fashion Planet in Accra, he has been going all out with the LV bags—and we hear, his are authentic, no two ways about that…

Juliet Ibrahim is looking sweet in a new photo—so if you are a Juliet fan, you would love it.

Did you know Delay has some huge butt? Of course it does not come any close to that of Nicki Minaj but in the photo below, she surely comes near the Kim’s famous size.

We have photos of Yvonne Nelson and D-Black too, so flip to the next pages to see them…

Uneducated Weed Smoker-Afia Schwarzenegger is Still Talking SLACK | Says She Will Punch DELAY in the Face Anytime She Meets Her…

Posted on 09 Jan 2015 at 12:44pm

For many right thinking persons, Afia Schwarzenegger is the definition of ‘A LOSER’ when it comes to Ghanaian comedians and TV personalities…

The uneducated weed junkie smoker wasted some air time on Starr Fm talking slack about her former employer-Deloris Frimpong Manso, saying, anytime she meets Delay, she will punch her in the face.

Of course, it’s the weed working; because she cannot punch Delay’s dog, let alone punch Delay herself.

Few weeks ago, this same Afia Schwarzenegger called Delay a loser when Afia was exposed as a husband snatcher—following GhanaCelebrities.Com’s revelation that the man she was claiming to be married to is already married and living in UK with his wife-Gladys Cobbina Boakye and 3 kids.

Listen to Afia Schwarzenegger still talking slack about Delay below… (more…)

Celebs Out & About: Yvonne Nelson, Juliet Ibrahim, Menaye Donkor, Stephen Appiah & Delay

Posted on 21 Oct 2014 at 4:22pm

Yvonne Nelson says she just visited the dentist and as such, check out her teeth—with that big smile in place just to show her fans what she got done inside her mouth. We will advise she does not do this in a hotel bathrooms because they are never clean as they seem.

While Juliet Ibrahim was showing her nice figure in a leggings, Delay comfortably packed her boobies in a top—and got a whole lot of attention from only men. She may be thinking people were excited to see as she calls them her fans but we think, they were checking out the twins who were being suffocated.

Why was she not smart to realize it was only men paying attention?

Check below for photos of Stephen Appiah, Menaye Donkor and others—out and about. (more…)

PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Ama K Abebrese, Nadia Buari, Delay & Menaye Donkor

Posted on 18 Oct 2014 at 4:26pm

Ghanaian actress-Ama K. Abebrese is back to the place she knows better-London, and she must have been well greeted by the weather which pushed her into wearing something that we cannot actually describe. But she has a photo for us all to see.

Ama K is in london for the Friday-31st October, 2014 premiere of her co-produced and featured in movie-Double Cross. The movie also features John Dumelo, Adjetey Anang, Paulina Oduro and others…

Check below for photos from Nadia Buari, Delay and Menaye Donkor (more…)

PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Jackie Appiah, Michael Essien, Menaye Donkor, Sandra Ankobiah, Delay & Nana Aba Anamoah

Posted on 30 Sep 2014 at 10:43am

News has been making rounds that Jackie Appiah who was one of the many Ghanaian world cup ambassadors paid over $20,000 each on a state-sponsored all-expenses paid trip to the the 2014 World Cup will be making appearance before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry—but it seems the actress is not even in the country, looking at the above photo she shared.

Check below for photos from Delay, Menaye Donkor, Michael Essien and others… (more…)

PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Yvonne Nelson, Naa Ashorkor, Juliet Ibrahim, Nadia Buari, Delay & Ama K. Abebrese

Posted on 24 Sep 2014 at 11:14am

There is no doubt in my mind that Ghanaian actress-Yvonne Nelson is the most ‘self-photographed’ Ghanaian Celebrity out there—and if I am not even stretching things, I could say, the most in Africa.

Yvonne Nelson who started her career with less glamour, just like the many has over the years become self-obsessed, and we’ve grown to love and accept her for this. Almost each day, she has something beautiful to wear, earning the fans a photo.

Check below for photos from Nadia Buari, Ama K Abebrese, Delay, Juliet Ibrahim and Naa Ashorkor (more…)

Celebs Out & About: Yvonne Nelson is Almost Done Building Her House + Delay, Nadia Buari & Becca

Posted on 22 Aug 2014 at 4:46pm

After many years of on-screen and off-screen work, actress-Yvonne Nelson is almost done with a house she is building and soon she will move out of her mother’s house, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt. She will soon become one of the few Ghanaian Celebrities who can afford to live on their own, as many are living with their parents.

With her new buddy-Deloris Frimpong Manso (popularly known as Delay), the actress visited her house—and took the above photo. Of course, she shared it online for the fans to see what she has been able to achieve.

Interestingly, we hear Ghanaian actor-John Dumelo is also building a house few yards away from Yvonne Nelson’s soon to move in house…

Check below for photos of Delay, Becca and Nadia Buari (more…)

Celebs Out & About: Martha Ankomah, Menaye Donkor, Delay, Nadia Buari & Others

Posted on 11 Aug 2014 at 6:09pm

It surely looks like actress-Nadia Buari has relocated to the United States, where she is spending much of her time—which makes us wonder; what happened to her career? The actress has shared a photo from her based in the United States and as usual, she is in good spirit.

Deborah Vanessa has taken a trip to the country of her other bloodline—Romania, where she also shared a bikini photo.

And the not so social media active-Martha Ankomah has given us some shots form what she wore to Church yesterday.

Check out the photos below… (more…)

Celebs Out & About: Jackie Appiah, Menaye Donkor, Delay, Fred Nuamah, Nana Akua Addo & John Dumelo

Posted on 16 May 2014 at 7:05am

It looks like this is show you separate the goodies from the chaff—by making the expensive purchases and even showing us when you are about to buy it.

Jackie Appiah has over the years shown and accepted her shopping addiction. And when it comes to her shopping, she definitely goes all out to make sure she is getting the real deal instead of the many ‘fakies’ that the other celebrities settle for.

I guess it is a matter of ‘if you have the cash, blow it up’…

Also, it seems the #BringBackOurGirls campaign has become a fever and not has only celebrities all around the world joined in, Ghanaian actress-Nanan Akua Addo and friends staged a protest in Ghana few days ago—holding #BringBackOurGirls placards.

The question people have been asking on social media is;  are these #BringBackOurGirls photos going to really do anything more than celebrities just looking for attention for themselves?

Check out the photos below… (more…)

Celebrity Instagram & Twitpics of the Week: Delay, John Dumelo, Prince David Osei, Zynnell Lydia Zuh, Sarkodie, Itz Tiffany, Menaye Donkor, Fred Nuamah & Others

Posted on 03 Mar 2014 at 1:20pm

Over the weekend, I spoke to John Dumelo and Fred Nuamah who were at the Harvard Business School, USA, where John Dumelo was having a speech as part of a panel. After the speech, John shared some photos and since Fred didn’t want to be left out of the party, he did too…

For last week, TV/Radio presenter-Delay, Sarkodie, Samini, Christabel Ekeh, Juliet Ibrahim and several others shared some interesting photos—which we think you will love to see.

Check below for the photos… (more…)

Nasara Says She Chose To BLEACH So Why Is It Your Problem?

Posted on 15 Dec 2013 at 7:46pm

Seriously? And she is married with two kids. Who even married this chicken head who can come on TV and categorically say she chose to BLEACH/TONE her skin—and she does not think it should be anyone’s problem.

Absurdly, she compares driving your choice of car to bleaching, forgetting the image she is leaving behind for those coming up—including her own children who I pity so much now.

She says she doesn’t even care about the various skin diseases and all that. I don’t even know what to say to this CHICKEN!

Check out the interview below… (more…)

Childishness At Its Peak: Delays Says She Would Rather Marry A White Man Than Marry Fred Nuamah & Fred Says, Delay Does Not Have What It Takes To Turn Him On…

Posted on 01 Mar 2013 at 10:17am

There is a big difference between being controversial and being childish, and over the years Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay seems to have unknowingly fallen into the latter pit.

If any of you reading this loves Deloris Frimpong Manso; better tell her to check her utterances since the rating of her TV show is at its lowest, courtesy of her on-air words and conduct. She is on here most times so surely she will see it herself…LOL

An adult being extensively childish is synonymous to being stupid, something Delay and Fred Nuamah (Founder of Ghana Movie Awards) have been engaged in…

Few days ago, NewsOne reported that; whiles Delay was interviewing John Dumelo, “John in his usual mischievous prank, told Delay during the interview that Fred wanted to marry her. John was avoiding a question from Delay on when he would be tying the knot and smartly threw in the issue of Fred Nuamah”.

But unknowingly childish “Delay expressed disappointment in what John had told her: I would rather marry a white man than marry Fred Nuamah…he is a nice guy and everything but hey, I don’t want to marry him.”

What is wrong with marrying a Whiteman anyway? Do you see the pure gibberish in her statement above? It is like a female presenter sitting on BBC or Sky and saying, she would rather marry a Blackman if all she is left with is some white man she does not like. We would have shouted RACIST!

In a childish rebuttal to Delay, Fred Nuamah has responded by saying; “I am not ready to respond to what she said because she can’t even turn me on so marrying her is not even an option. I mean she does not have what it takes to excite my libido”, Fred Nuamah told News-One.

Are these necessary between two adults? Surely the mid-life crisis is setting in early for them!

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Delay Shows All She Has Been Hiding…

Posted on 24 Sep 2012 at 1:03pm

If you do not know who Delay (Deloris Frimpong Manso) is, then just Google her…You do not even have to do that, from the photo, just get to know who she is…

Delay is the only Ghanaian Showbiz virgin pushing close to her 30’s…

For her relationship status, we guess the word COMPLICATED is perfect…What is she doing in the photo? I wish I know…

Whatever it is, we think she should cover those thighs…We love her better when they are covered…GOSH!

N’toma kata N’niama so…

In not more than 2 sentences, tell us what you think about the photo

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