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PHOTOS: Check Out Deborah Vanessa’s Award Winning Dress At The Premiere Of ‘Contract’

Posted on 29 Dec 2012 at 11:03am

As part of her prizes for winning Fashion101 Best Dressed Personality of the Year for 2011 by beating Joselyn Dumas and Naa Ashorkor , Deborah Vanessa Owusu Bonsu was presented with a dress made by Ghanaian designer Serwaa Duaba.

Yesterday, the ‘Uncle Obama’ singer also known as Sister Deborah graced the premiere of Yvonne Okoro’s movie ‘Contract’ at the National Theatre with the dress.

According to her, her mum misplaced the dress and that’s  why she was only wearing it for the first time yesterday. Oh mummy’s girl LOL

Check out the dress below

My Sincere Thoughts On Fashion 101 On TV3, Get Your Coordination & Fundamentals Right…

Posted on 07 Jan 2012 at 1:08pm

Ripping off a TV show which is successful elsewhere in the world happens a lot in Ghana. In fact, it happens even in developed countries like UK. However, when it comes to Ghana, we even get copying wrong. If we cannot be master architects, does it mean we cannot also be good photocopiers?

I have had the time to watch the new much talked about fashion show-Fashion101 which airs on Tv3 on Saturdays @ 8:30am and to be frank, I am not impressed with how poorly the show pays attention to crucial ‘comparison’ tenets.

To compare anything in this world, the fundamental principle is to compare LIKE to LIKE. This does not mean you cannot compare two distinctive attires, what it means is that, you have to get the fountain-head right…

By the above, I mean, the showing is getting things totally wrong by comparing various outfits of celebrities’ when these celebrities attended separate unrelated occasions/events.

I say ‘comparing’ because after groundlessly (I will come back to why I say groundless) chastising the fashion sense of the celebrities they randomly pick, they choose who’s the best and worst of the day…

How on earth can you compare a celebrity dressed for a movie premiere to one who was dressed for her neighbourhood random stroll? It is a comparison because at the end of it all, you choose one as the best and another as the worst.

To get comparison right, certain factors must be equivalent and in this sense, the occasion/event must be the same or closely related.

On the show last week, the fashion sense of Efya was considered by comparing a picture of her with photos of people like Jackie Appiah (at a movie premiere). This is fundamentally wrong, Efya was at a birthday party in Kumasi and as such you cannot on any term compare her outfit to what others wore for a movie premiere and then proceed to judge one as worst and the other as best. This is suicidal!

I am not in any way suggesting that one cannot talk about the fashion sense of people at different events concurrently, but all I am saying is, you have to stop the ‘best of the day’ and the ‘worst of the day’ if you are not comparing these people under the same shelter. How do you justify comparing what I wore to a funeral and what he wore to a party and then proceed to choose the best? (more…)

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