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Sparrow Productions Pushes the ‘Cinematic Frontier’ to a New Height with ‘V-REPUBLIC’

Posted on 20 Oct 2014 at 8:11am

If you are one of those people who fell in love with ‘Adams Apples’ and the many other great films by multiple award-winning Director-Shirley Frimpong Manso and her Sparrow Productions team, then be ready to get addicted to this new one.

Perhaps, you may need to see your doctor later on for some anti-addiction pills—because you will definitely be hooked on Sparrow Productions’ new TV series, V-Republic and don’t say I did not ‘warn’ you.

Obviously, the Ghanaian movie industry has been pretty slow this year but things are about to change in the next few weeks as Sparrow Productions will be rolling out a series of mind blowing productions from now till Christmas. Starting with this riveting, edge of the seat drama V- Republic

Taking cue from the success of their first TV series ‘Adams Apples’ and in a bid to push the cinematic frontier higher—-aimed at bringing African movie lovers a set of refreshing and quality entertaining contents that tackle the diversities entrenched in our cosmopolitan lifestyles; V-Republic is here to make the rest of the year and beyond SUPER exciting.

Let’s say you’ve just been given a new key to unlock a new world of interesting characters playing exciting roles in a suspense full story that develops on thorny but captivating grounds, from the comfort of your own home.

Before I pull you into the ‘matrix of V-Republic’, let’s look at how this new exciting TV series will be delivered—and I mean, where you can watch it online. (more…)

Joselyn Dumas Rocks a Yellow Bodycon for the 2014 4Syte Music Video Nominations Launch | STEAL Her Style

Posted on 12 Oct 2014 at 11:45am

Actress/TV personality-Joselyn Dumas may be inconsistent in many ways but she is unfailing when it comes to the world of fashion—and we’ve always loved her style.

Again, with such fine hips and body, which outfit will dare displace her enviable figure?

For yesterday’s 4Syte Music Video Nominations Launch which took place at Oak Plaza in Accra, the actress wore a simple yellow bodycon dress—as expected, her much talked about body shape was on full display.

If you have a body close to that of Joselyn Dumas or you love her yellow bodycon dress, you can steal her look by buying the below dress—and the shoes.

For the shoes, you can for the below Stunning Women’s Sandals With Candy Color and Stiletto Design…

Check below for another photo (more…)

PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Joselyn Dumas | A True Number One Fan Of Every Nollywood Actress Or Just A$$ Kissing?

Posted on 10 Oct 2014 at 3:35pm

Ghanaian actress/TV host-Joselyn Dumas was in the news earlier this week for saying, she loves Genevieve Nnaji to death—that, she is Gen’s number fan and look up to Genevieve so much.

According to reports, Joselyn said when she was told to become a Range Rover Evoque ambassador in Ghana, knowing that Genevieve Nnaji was the ambassador for them in Nigeria made her feel so happy and proud—she felt like she was being associated with Gen.

We thought that was sweet until we came across the above photo of Joselyn and Nollywood actress-Rita Dominic and once again, she says she is the number one fan of Rita.

She stated on social media that Rita Dominic is the best of Africa—maybe she has forgotten that she said Genevieve was…LOL

Joselyn is currently in Nigeria and it seems she is butt kissing all the Nollywood stars. What else could explain the PLENTY Genevieve sweet words and now this?

What do you think? Check below for another photo… (more…)

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PHOTOS + Joselyn Dumas Storms Kaneshie Market with Her Xcholera Campaign

Posted on 02 Oct 2014 at 10:29am

The people of Kaneshie yesterday (October 1, 2014) had their fair share of education on cholera when Ghanaian actress and TV personality – Joselyn Dumas – stormed the Kaneshie market with her ongoing ‘Xcholera Campaign’.

The campaign, which aims at increasing education and awareness on the outbreak of the deadly disease, was received very well by the market folks from beginning to the end.

Miss Dumas, at the occasion, addressed quite a number of significant issues that could result in contracting cholera. Notwithstanding, she as well gave practical advice on various ways to prevent this deadly disease.

Speaking to the media, Miss Dumas said; “I am overwhelmed by the response and turnout here. The people here are very discerning and lovely. Some have taken instant action by cleaning their selling spots after hearing the message. Not only that, they have pledged to continue doing so. I pray they do just as they have said.” (more…)

Xcholera Campaign: Joselyn Dumas Storms Kaneshie Market Tomorrow

Posted on 30 Sep 2014 at 10:55am

Ghanaian actress and television talk show host – Joselyn Dumas – is set to take her ‘Xcholera Campaign’ to a whole new level at the Kaneshie market tomorrow.

The second phase of the entire campaign which involves a series of market storms was launched on 17th September, 2014 at the Okaishie market.

Speaking with Miss Joselyn Dumas, she pointed it out that the next market storm will take place at the Kaneshie market tomorrow (1st October, 2014) at exactly 8am. (more…)

PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Jackie Appiah, Joselyn Dumas, Becca, Adjetey Anang & Sandra Ankobiah

Posted on 25 Sep 2014 at 4:08pm

Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah just landed in Milan, Italy few hours ago—and she shared the above photo with her fans accompanied by the message; Hello Milan…

Career-wise, the year has been pretty slow for Jackie Appiah and this has somewhat given her the opportunity to be touring around. We’ve seen photos of her holidaying at different parts of the world.

For those of you who like to insult Joselyn Dumas with her BIG FOREHEAD, the actress/TV personality seems to be aware that her forehead is out of proportion—and today, she shared a photo with her forehead in focus alongside the message;#bigforeheadsdontcare

Check below for photos from Becca, Adjetey Anang, Jackie Appiah, Joselyn Dumas, Sandra Ankobiah and Becca (more…)

PHOTOS + Joselyn Dumas Successfully Launches Phase 2 of ‘Xcholera Campaign’ | Kick-Starts It at Okaishie Market

Posted on 18 Sep 2014 at 1:30pm

Joselyn Dumas is known for many things, one of which is her fervor to get things done right. She’s been at the top of the entertainment industry crops since shooting to fame in 2009. Recently, she launched a campaign – the “Xcholera Campaign” – to create awareness on the outbreak of cholera (a disease typically transmitted by consuming either contaminated food or water).

The first phase of the campaign which was ran on social media caught the attention of majority of Ghanaians (both home and abroad), as well as other foreign nationals on various social media sites.

The second phase of the entire campaign was launched yesterday (September 17, 2014) at the Okaishie market. The launch attracted countless individuals who live in cholera-prone areas.

According to Miss Dumas, “the phase two of the campaign encompasses embarking on market storms to educate market women on the need to keep their surroundings clean in order not to contract cholera.”

“This campaign is geared towards changing attitudes of Ghanaians in relation to cleanliness. It is not a one-off campaign. It is something that my team and I will embark on till we see a positive change in societies”, Joselyn added.

She stated that, her team and herself are making use of market Queens in educating those in the market. As she put it, “the market queens are the opinion leaders in the market. Their voices carry weight and people in the market heed to what they say. It is therefore advisable to make use of them to achieve the goal we require at the moment.” (more…)

Joselyn Dumas Launches Phase 2 of ‘Xcholera Campaign’

Posted on 16 Sep 2014 at 5:02pm

Ghanaian actress and Television host – Joselyn Dumas – has launched the second phase of the “Xcholera campaign”. The campaign which started late August 2014 is to raise awareness on the outbreak of cholera in Ghana which had infected over 5000 people since June 2014 , and cases continue to increase daily.

The campaign, which was being run on social media has reached the second stage which involves market storms. With these market storms, the team goes out to educate the public on safe practices to avoid cholera. Target areas are markets, hospitals and small communities that are worst hit by the menace.

The campaign takes a different approach from the traditional cleaning up of dirty areas to the creation of awareness on why the public needs to practice personal and environmental hygiene. It is about sensitizing the public to understand the need to clean their environment and getting them committed to staying clean. (more…)

Celebrity Instagram & Twit Pics of the Week: Jackie Appiah, Eazzy, Nadia Buari, Becca, Efya, John Dumelo, Menaye Donkor & Others

Posted on 14 Sep 2014 at 1:05pm

Eazzy has been rocking a new short hair and even though we do not REALLY like it—she says, she is feeling it. For us out here, the long hair style sits well with Eazzy and because we’ve known her more with that, we seem to like her that way.

Becca and Efya have been putting their figures on blast, except that one has something more enticing to show us and the other needs to work that body out if she wants to go into a bodycon.

Check below for photos from Yvonne Okoro, Nikki Samonas, Joselyn Dumas, Jackie Appiah and others… (more…)

Who Wants to Massage Joselyn Dumas’ Foot? | Kwami Sefa Kayi Takes the LEAD

Posted on 12 Sep 2014 at 4:52pm

Peace Fm has published some photos from the recently held MUSIGA Grand Ball and interestingly, some of the photos show ace broadcaster-Kwami Sefa Kayi massaging Joselyn Dumas’ foot—putting her fine thigh on full display…

The two were the MCs of the night—and they seem to have enjoyed each other’s company not only stage but also back stage.

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PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Joselyn Dumas, Nadia Buari & Nikki Samonas

Posted on 01 Sep 2014 at 11:02am

TV personality & Adams Apples’ star-Joselyn Dumas is headlining our photos of the day, with that bright yellow skirt and down-looking pose which leaves the shadow of her hips intact!

Actress-Nadia Bauri has also been going in for the ruff ryder appearances and this time, she is seen on a bad bike, probably, looking to join fast and furious 7—the bike version.

Check below for a shot of Nikki Samonas too… (more…)

Joselyn Dumas’ Social Media Cholera Campaign | A Futile Effort with No Sense of Practicality to a Serious Problem?

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 at 8:34am

Dear Chris-Vincent,

The ALS ice bucket challenge was meant to be a simple and fun way of raising awareness for a debilitating and terminal illness. Ever since the campaign started, a lot of money and awareness has been raised for Lou Gehrig’s disease.  The ALS research center at Johns Hopkins University has reported over 80% increase in its endowments. We all hope to hear of a cure for this debilitating and terminal illness soon.

The purpose of the challenge was to raise awareness and MONEY for ALS research. That’s exactly what the challenge has accomplished. Yes, a lot of people have used the challenge as nothing but a popularity stunt, but it does not withhold the fact a lot more people know about ALS now than they did a month ago.

Back in our neck of the woods, things are completely different. All over Instagram, countless of Ghanaian celebrities have uploaded pictures of videos of themselves, pouring buckets of ice cold water on themselves. A lot of these local champions wear weaves. I always thought the number rule for wearing weave was: Never get it wet! I guess that’s beside the point. After pouring ice cold water on themselves, these “celebrities” claim they plan on donating money to a local NGO in Ghana because there is NO ALS society in Ghana-as if we did not know that already.  As much as I’d like to congratulate them for being abreast with current affairs and helping fight a good cause, I cannot pretend. How many of these local champions support a local charity?

Our love of everything Western is shameful and crippling.  Joselyn Dumas took to twitter to bash her fellow stars for their “ignorance.” A lot of people were proud of her. These same people who did not agree with Ama K Abebrese’s skin bleaching campaign, but who am I to judge?!

Joselyn’s campaign, although a good start, is an impractical solution to a serious problem. Cholera is caused by filth! Everywhere you look, our gutters are filled with garbage and feces. Instead of starting a campaign where individuals post pictures of themselves with their mouths covered, and the inscription, “I’d rather starve than eat contaminated food.” How about I suggest something practical? CLEAN THE FILTH AROUND YOU. (more…)


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