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When Samini Met Kelly Rowland…

Posted on 31 Mar 2012 at 11:59am

For some reason, this photo has taken 2 years to come out. If you guys can remember, during the 2010 FIFA World Cup,   international musical icons such as Kelly Rowland and some of the best from Africa , Samini, 2face and others collaborated for  the song  “Everywhere You Go” (2010 FIFA World Cup Theme Song).

The Samini & Kelly Rowland photo(above) was taken at that time…Looking at the photo closely, you can see where Samini’s hand is which seems to be sharply followed by Kelly’s own…

Either Kelly Rowland is saying, No No, that hand cannot be here or hold me tight baby Samini… I think it is the latter though! LOL.  Kelly Rowland surely will want for herself some African boy!

If you have not seen the song, check it out below


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