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My Proposal To VIP On Solo Projects Was Not Well Understood–Promzy Speaks Out

Posted on 25 Sep 2015 at 1:42pm

Ghanaian musician Emmanuel Promzy Ababio, now known as Promzy Afrika, who broke away from the VIP music group, says he is shock and still can’t believe his eyes on circumstances that led to his split and what people say about him.

Promzy Africa who is now pursuing his career as a solo artiste disclosed in an interview on AM Pluzz that he had to give it all up since things were not gearing up for them at that time. (more…)

Promzy of VIP Goes After Reggie Rockstone With a Gun | He Says Reggie Should Shut the F**k Up & MORE

Posted on 05 Jun 2015 at 11:54am

The bitter Promzy’s kick out or exit from the Hiplife group-VIP,  now VVIP with Reggie Rockstone as the new addition is still bothering Promzy.

And even though Reggie Rockstone says he is not the reason why the group parted way with Promzy, the latter seems to hold onto the a suspicion that Reggie caused his butt to be kicked out…

When things seem to be settling with time, it kicks off again with the recent coming from Promzy.

He took to facebook a few days ago to throw deep insults at Reggie Rockstone, questioning his proud title; the Grandpapa of Hiplife. It’s not that deep to have your title questioned but to have words like F**k, Pu**y and others thrown at you, that must really hurt.

Not just words, Promzy (above), posted those words with photos of himself holding a gun—sending a message to Reggie Rockstone to watch his back before he pulls the trigger on his skull. This is where a report must be lodged with the police—that is real threat out there…

It’s pretty lame to post such photos and message on facebook though.

When we reached out to Reggie Rockstone, he didn’t seem much bothered but shocked that a full grown man will be acting up this way—especially when he knows for sure that he (Reggie Rockstne) is not the reason why he (Promzy)  is not part of the musical group today.

Flip to the next page to read all what Promzy wrote about/to Reggie Rockstone (more…)

VVIP Responds to Allegations By Former VIP Member-Promzy that Reggie Rockstone Connived With Them to KICK Him Out

Posted on 23 Nov 2014 at 5:49pm

It doesn’t seem like the controversy surrounding the transformation of VIP to VVIP will end anytime soon— despite the fact that legendary Ghanaian musician-Reggie Rockstone who has now joined the long standing Ghanaian musical group has on many occasions detached himself from the reasons why Promzy left the group.

After Promzy who was part of the formation of the group exited, paving way for discussions which obviously led to Reggie Rockstone’s entry, we’ve heard several allegations of foul play—and according to a new report, Reggie Rockstone teamed up with Joseph Nana Ofori (Prodigal) and Abdul Hamid Ibrahim (Lazy now Zeal) to KICK Promzy out so the former could make his grand entry.

The Clock Newspaper wrote that;

“According to Promzy, everything was well with him and his “brothers” until Reggie Rockstone came into the picture, “we were cool and had made plans for a new project we were about to get underway only for me to hear that I had been replaced by Reggie” he noted.

Promzy, who could not hold back his tears during the entire period of the interview challenged his former group members to produce his resignation letter if they claim he resigned or left the group on his own, “where is the resignation letter, ask Reggie to produce the resignation letter that paved way for him to join the group” he said while shedding tears, insisting that the God father of hiplife was the one behind his fallout from the legendary hip hife group, VIP.”

GhanaCelebrities.Com spoke to Zeal (formerly known as Lazy) in relation to the above publication—and he said, ‘there is no truth in it.’

Zeal said; ‘Promzy had on many occasions come to us, wanting to leave the group and embark on a solo career. And we had on many occasional talked him into seeing the positive side in staying together as group. However, before he even came to us this last time, he had already started his own solo career with a recording.’ (more…)

‘VIP’ Says The Group Is Doing Far Better & Their Vision Is Still In Progress

Posted on 19 Nov 2013 at 2:22pm

Despite the ‘unfortunate’ breakaway of Promzy from the long standing Hiplife group-VIP, the group has come out to say, its mission “Vision In Progress” is still in motion…

The trio now turned duo speaking to PeaceFm after their performance at fifth edition of the MTN 4Syte TV Music Video Awards over the weekend  said; “This group was established for a purpose and each one of us has a responsibility for us to be able to achieve it. Right from the start we knew it was not going to be easy so no matter what happens the vision is still in progress”,.

Zeal (Abdul Hamidu Ibrahim) and Prodigal (Joseph Nana Ofori) who were extremely excited and satisfied with their first major performance stated that;

“We had a great show tonight and loved the crowd and our fans should watch out this Christmas because we have a lot of things lined up”. They performed their new single “Yeko Di-Sco” for the first time at the show and they were overwhelmed with how the crowd responded to a song they heard for the first time, adding “this will be the official Christmas song”.

Promzy’s Love For Tattoos!

Posted on 24 Feb 2012 at 6:28pm

Below is a picture of Promzy, a member of the VIP trio. The picture confirms that, he’s a tattoo freak.

Though he avoids talking about his tattoos, it is believed that one on his left arm was for his family. The right is for the streets. His body is for the entire Ghana.

Which of the tattoos is for Ghana girls? The tattoo freaks will be praising him whiles others will castigate him. (more…)

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