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Tiffany Says She Won’t Date Anyone From The Entertainment Industry

Posted on 11 Nov 2015 at 7:18pm

Ghanaian female rapper/singer, Tiffany Owusu Hayden has disclosed that she won’t date any personality from the entertainment industry due to the nature of the job.

Tiffany, who is a mother-of-one, said it will be complicated for her to be in a relationship with someone in the same business, stressing that; it will be the last thing that she would ever do in her life. (more…)

I Want A Man Who Will Trust And Understand Me—Tiffany

Posted on 05 Oct 2015 at 11:01am

Ghanaian female rapper, Tiffany is ready to mingle after she was rocked by a leak s*x tape by her ex-lover.

Tiffany speaking in an interview with Delay said she would like to hook up with a man who is trust worthy and will understand the nature of her job. (more…)

BE THE JUDGE: Lydia Forson, Joselyn Dumas, Ama K. Abebrese, Nadia Buari, Becca, Menaye Donkor & Tiffany | Who Has That Baby Face Needed For Braids

Posted on 09 Nov 2013 at 3:26pm


Earlier this week, we brought you some of your favourite Ghanaian Celebrities rocking different shades and length of weaves—for you to decide who has the perfect face for it.

To some of us, braiding is more than a hair style, it is social art—and a means by which women are able to save time and still keep a tidy hair.

Therefore, we’ve gone through our archives for those Ghanaian celebrities who’ve tried the usual braids. And we are asking; who has that baby face needed for braids?

Check them out below… (more…)

Celebrity Tweet Photos Of The Week: John Dumelo, Becca, Tiffany, Lousika, Juliet Ibrahim, Yvonne Nelson & Others…

Posted on 23 Mar 2013 at 12:58pm

Another week and several celebrity photos…As usual, various social media platforms were buzzing with several Ghanaian celebrities sharing photos with their fans this week. And below are our favorites for the week!

New Music Video : ‘This Is Who I Am’ For Awal’s Children Of Future Foundation Feat. Sarkodie, Chase, Mohammed, Yaw Siki, Efya, Ruff n Smooth, Tiffany & Fritz

Posted on 01 Feb 2013 at 1:10pm

Sarkodie, Efya, Chase, Tiffany and others who are ambassadors of the The Awal’s children of the future foundation have been featured in the foundation’s theme song-This Is Who I Am.

The Awal’s children of the future foundation which was initiated by Producer Posigee aims to help the helpless, hopeless and hungry orphan children and semi orphan children with food,shelter,education, medical assistance etc.,

The video was produced by Big O.J Films…

What Is Wrong With Our Female Musicians? They Need To Fix Up Quick Or Else…

Posted on 28 Jul 2012 at 3:07pm

On the global music scene, the Ghana Hip life scene is slowly, but surely making an impact with the male musicians championing the cause.

One thing I have noticed is that, our mainstream female musicians are off the radar, and in many cases, retrogressing in their career.

This is really sad to me as a woman. If I’m looking back even as recent as two years ago, our female musicians had all the potential in the world, tracks like “Wengeze” and “Fake London Boy” were in heavy rotation. But now they are getting it so wrong, their singles are making no impact, and their popularity is sinking fast.

As a result of free downloads, musicians cannot rely on CDs to make bank hits anymore, and must therefore focus on endorsements and paid performances, which are also heavily reliant on branding.

How can our female musicians attract performances when their songs are nothing to write home about? When it comes to endorsements, do not go there because their brands or images are at the weakest level. (more…)

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Battle Of Fake Accents: Which Ghanaian Celebrity’s Fake Accent Irritates You The Most?

Posted on 11 Jul 2012 at 4:19pm

Even though I’m personally not a huge fan of the typical strong Ghanaian accent when missed with bad grammar like this:

Of late, some of our celebs have become Professors in fake accents and to be honest, it is quite irritating to the ear. What happened to being proud of your heritage and being yourself and embracing your uniqueness?

The videos below display two gorgeous Ghanaian celebs: Nadia Buari and Tiffany Hayden doing what they know how to do best, faking accents.

I’m not hating because I love both Tiffany and Nadia but really what’s with the accents? Why can’t they talk like they are Ghanaians instead of all this American, British, Patois combo, which makes them sound confused and less intelligent.

Unless it’s for a movie role I don’t think any foreign celeb will put on an accent like the Ghanaian accent or any other accent for that matter just to be cool.

Please, can someone explain to me why our celebrities  like putting on these accents?. Is it to sound cool, modern or western?

I simply can’t stand these accents at all. It seems to me that Miss Nadia is trying to sound like Beyonce, while Tiffany is trying to sound like Nicki Minaj and they are quite pathetic at it.

Who do we crown the queen of  fake accent GC family? How do you feel about the who fake accent issue, is it cool or is it lame?

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GC Exclusive: Tiffany Rebrands To ‘Itz Tiffany’!

Posted on 10 May 2012 at 9:08am

Rebranding is very important for artistes depending on where the artistes want to take their career. Most artistes want to take their career to the top, hence getting caught up in the name changing and rebranding craze.

Signals pick up by GhanaCelebrities.Com indicates that, one of the hottest and Ghana’s favourite female MC; Tiffany is rebranding herself to suit the changes in her career.

Departing from other musicians who resort to changing their names out-rightly, Tiffany is just maintaining her showbiz name, the name that her fans know. (more…)

Whose Style Are You Feeling? Tiffany Or Diamond

Posted on 20 Feb 2012 at 9:48am

Ghana’s lady Gaga-Diamond came out to the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Launch held over the weekend in her best style… (Yes that is her best, what else can a GAGA do?)…

Same night, Ghanaian rapper Tiffany rocked her dark ‘Gucci shades’ and slammed some red ear ring dangles around her ears…

Both ladies gave ‘black’ attention. Anyway, whose style are you feeling?  Tiffany Or Diamond?

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Video: More Endorsement For: ‘Sarkodie Rapperholic – Live In Concert’ On Christmas Day As More Artistes Confirm! Just Grab Your Ticket For GHC 50 & GHC 30!

Posted on 24 Dec 2011 at 6:40pm

As the time draws nearer to Sunday December 25 at the Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre for the biggest show dubbed ‘Sarkodie Rapperholic – Live In Concert’, more artistes have shown interest in supporting Ghana’s current biggest hit maker; Sarkodie.

Artistes confirmed for the show include Trigmatic, VIP, Guru, Kwaw Kese, Rough & Smooth, FBS, Keche, and Jimmy Jaggs.

The rest include Stay Jay, Efya, KK Fosu, Tinny, Obrafour, Raquel, Tiffany, Yaw Siki, Chemphe, D-Cryme, R2Bees, Kwabena Kwabena, and Castro.

According to reports, the Ghanaian community in the United Kingdom and the United States who have returned to Ghana for the Christmas holidays are looking at making the ‘Sarkodie Rapperholic – Live In Concert’ their Christmas Day out as they are rushing for tickets for themselves and their families.

For their inability to watch Sarkodie when he toured some parts in the United Kingdom and United States due to their heavy work schedules, they can bang all their hopes on Christmas day for the big gig.

Imagine in the very first time spending Christmas Day with virtually all the hit making hip life artistes in Ghana at one venue. There is no reason why you have to miss this show if you are in Ghana.

Tickets go for 50GHC and 30GHC . Tickets are available @ Silver Bird Cinema, Koala, Frankies, Joy FM, KFC , rLG Office , Melcom Plus. You can also purchase online via CALL Ken – 0267676757 and Nana Nie 0243359441 Or Add BB: 2810FF4A and they will deliver @ your doorstep

Yvonne Nelson Vrs Tiffany…The Battle Of The Thick Sexy Legs!

Posted on 01 Nov 2011 at 1:34pm

I got it all for ladies with s*xy great legs. Sorry, but I do not do twisted legs…That is a big turn off for me. I guess you will be thinking…Chris what’s someone’s legs got to do with LOVE or anything?

Hey, that is me; I just can’t bring myself to accept non outstanding THICK s*xy legs. As a result of my obsession with s*xy tough legs, I have been secretly checking out the legs of the various Ghanaian Celebrities…# CRAZY !

Yvonne Nelson and Tiffany stand out tall among the lot. Their thick s*xy legs can’t be anyway ignored. Among the two, whose legs will you go for? Yvonne Nelson or Tiffany? Where does s*xy lies? My girlfriend wins though, she has some thick mad s*xy legs!

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