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SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD: Radar Shows Missing Malaysian Airline May Have Changed Route

Posted on 09 Mar 2014 at 8:27pm


It was reported on March 8 that a passenger flight carrying 239 passengers, including five children, from Malaysia had gone missing. For more than 24 hours now, the flight has still not been found.

According to new report by the country’s air force chief, the pilot of Malaysian Airline flight MH370 may have diverted the aircraft’s course before losing contact with the air traffic controllers.

“What we have done is actually look into the recording on the radar that we have and we realized there is a possibility the aircraft did make a turn back,” Rodzali Daud, the Royal Malaysian Air Force chief, said.

Conversely, the flight’s pilot did not inform the air traffic controllers that he was making a u – turn.

Search and rescue teams have focused their search in an area around an oil slick on the ocean between Malaysia and Vietnam where officials believe the plane crashed. However, on the basis of the new report that claims the pilot might have changed direction bolsters fear now; as many believe this puzzling incident could have been an act of terrorism.

The airline has as at now warned families whose relatives may have been on board to prepare for the worst since they have still not found any possible trace to the missing plane.

Authorities have as well confirmed that, the Boeing – 777 (flight MH370) which left Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and was heading to Beijing (China) had at least two people on board who were travelling on stolen passports. (more…)


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