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FOR MY LADIES: Do You Wax Or Thread Your Eyebrow, And Are You Still Removing All Your Hair On Your Eyebrows?

Posted on 13 Nov 2012 at 9:06pm

Have you ever craved to have a movie star’s eyebrow?  Let’s face it, some people do have beautiful eyebrows.  Some people are born with very thin brows while others are born with thick brows. Beautiful eyebrows are often the thick, dark, and well-shaped brows.

Brows can be waxed, threaded or plucked.  Threading the brows is painful, but it is the best way to have your brows shaped. It lasts longer, and it can be controlled when it comes to how much can be taken away.

Waxing is an easier way to shape the eye, but sometimes errors are practically impossible to reverse.  With waxing, once the wax is placed on the brow there is no way turning back.

Plucking is often done at home to perfect minor brow imperfections after waxing or threading. Some people also prefer to pluck their brows instead of waxing or threading.

If you find an experienced person to wax or thread your brows, that person can perfectly shape your brows to fit your face. The best brows are those that have an arch around the middle with the thin end going just past the corner of our eye.

We all have different brow colors, but for those who tend to dye their hair, it is best to ensure that your brow color coordinates with your hair color.

Thick brows are very beautiful indeed.  Brows have to look natural even when waxed or threaded. Gone were the days when brows were partially or completely shaved or waxed off and replaced with black pencils.

Some of our celebrities do maintain very nice and bold brows. Actresses like Ama Mcbrown, Becca, Nadia, and the likes.  Others use what seem to look like a liquid pencil to run across their brows after it has been all shaved or partly shaved off (that is a no no).

Eye brows that are well-shaped, thick, and well-maintained do add extra beauty to the individual.

When It comes to men, I have a passion for men with thick and dark brows. I think they look attractive and s*xy.

I personally have never liked a thin brow. If you have a thin brow, use a brunette pencil on the brow, and then finish it up with eyebrow gel.

Eyebrow gels are available in departmental stores, and come in various colors. The best choice I would recommend would be the clear gel. It works great on any type of brow color.  I have used eyebrow gel for over eight years. It helps the brow to stay in shape.

I remember back in my secondary school years, my class and school mates teased me about my brows, and they eventually nick-named me “bushey.” One senior took it upon herself and shaved off my brows for me without my consent….I cried bitterly.

Well, I guess now they know that thick is back and thin is out! Do you like thick or thin eyebrows?

Would you rather have a thick or thin brow?


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