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Ghanacelebrities.com had a chit-chat Interview today with the “Ghana Queen of Talks” Ama K Abebrese. Ama is a TV presenter, actress and producer who has hosted a string of successful shows. .Below is a transcript of the interview (Unedited)

Ghanacelebrities.com:Who inspires you in the Ghanaian society as apublic figure?

Ama K Abebrese: The Asante-Hene, Otumfuo, because of the great rich history and powerful culture that the King embodies. In fact Ghanaian royalty tends in general to inspire me as they serve as a reminder that we are Kings andQueens.

Ghanacelebrities.com:What is it like interviewing celebrities and who is the one celebrity you have had to interview and has impressed you?

Ama K Abebrese: Well the most important thing to remember is that celebrities are human like everyone else, they have their good and bad days so when I am interviewing them, I look at it like just having a conversation with someone I’ve just met that I am interested to find out about their life, so I try and converse with them, you tend to get more out of that way rather than just asking them questions. The person that impressed me the most was Ziggy Marley, because of his calm essense and warm energy.

Ghanacelebrities.com: Do you ever get tired of putting on the Ama K character in public?

Ama K Abebrese: No not at all, because the Ama K. public persona is also the Ama K. private persona. It’s not an act, anyone who knows me will tell you.

Ghanacelebrities.com: Did you ever consider any other career besides talking, broadcasting, and acting?

Ama K Abebrese: When I was younger I used to want to be something different every week, Lawyer, Pilot, Flight Attendant, Midwife and so may other careers, but I think I was born to do what I do now.

Ghanacelebrities.com: Was there someone early on who gave you a big break in the business of broadcasting?

Ama K Abebrese: It was an organisation called YCTV (Youth Culture Television), in London founded by Sabrina Guiness that trains young people in all aspects of television making where I started out. YCTV really exposed to TV production in a big way and I was able to learn about the different things that go into production.

While there I was able to interview Hollywood actor Harrison Ford, Star wars director George Lucas and Arnold Schwarzenegger. That was all very exciting at the time.

Ghanacelebrities.com: What attracts you to your career?

Ama K Abebrese: I’m drawn to it like a magnet, I guess due to the fact that its one of those careers where I’m able to have a voice and be heard, because I have a loud voice that I like to share with as many people who will listen.. he he.

Ghanacelebrities.com: What do you think are your best qualities? Do you think you are a good presenter?

Ama K Abebrese: Wow, erm I guess I’m constantly learning and evolving so my good qualities tend to shift depending on what how I’m feeling, but probably that I am able to adapt to different situations and places, without losing my core essence. I would like to think I am a good TV presenter, however there is always room for improvements, I like it when I am given constructive criticism on my performance, which I strive to take on bored and apply, so I’m constantly improving.

Ghanacelebrities.com: Is there anything career wise that’s off-limits?

Ama K Abebrese: Erm… I try to stay away from being involved in projects that portray Africa, Africans and black people negatively. For so long western media’s portrayal of black people has largely been negative and stereotypical; so in the sort of work I am involved in I try my best to focus on subverting negative stereotypes and showing positive portrayals of Africans and black people as a whole. As the saying goes, no one can tell our story better than us.
Ghanacelebrities.com: Do you have any idea how you rate in the Ghanaian Diaspora and back home?

Ama K Abebrese: I have no idea, but I would hope that whatever it is, its good.

Ghanacelebrities.com: What has been your most embarrassing moment in your career?

Ama K Abebrese: Gosh…. I guess it happens to everyone, but its mispronouncing people’s names on air, sometimes no matter how much you practise, there’s the odd slip of the tongue, and it’s happened to me on a few occasions.

Ghanacelebrities.com: Who do people associate and compare you with?

Ama K Abebrese: I’ve had a few people associate me with a younger African up and coming Oprah Winfrey, which is a huge compliment, however I just like to be associated and compared to Ama K, at least then the only shoes I have to fill are my own.

Ghanacelebrities.com: What do you think you contribute to the overall Ghanaian community?

Ama K Abebrese: Erm… I guess that in my own small way, I contribute a bit of light entertainment, so that people can smile and be entertained after a day’s work if they turn on to one of my TV shows.

Ghanacelebrities.com: Who are your favourite Ghanaian Celebrities?

Ama K Abebrese: The actress and film producer Akosua Busia, (who starred opposite Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey in the Oscar winning film ‘The Colour Purple’) she is a beautiful strong willed Ghanaian woman who has above all her successes worldwide. She is one of the most humble people I have ever met. I interviewed her for my show and she was not only inspiring but a delight.

Ghanacelebrities.com: What do you want people to remember you for?

Ama K Abebrese: Thats a big question that I don’t know the answer to yet, but I guess once we are gone, its not up to us how we are remembered. I will leave that for others to decide how they choose to remember me.

Ghanacelebrities.com: What’s your message to Ghanaians, in the Diaspora and back home?

Ama K Abebrese: I will borrow from the Ghana National Anthem, and say God bless our Homeland Ghana. With God’s hep, we shall all in our own way, work to make Ghana great and strong with whatever big or small contributions we can make from home or abroad.

Ghanacelebrities.com: Ama K, Thanks for your time.

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