Teddy Abrokwa, King of Digital Radio

blankBroadcasting trends are shifting gradually from analogue to the digital world and this development has allowed Teddy Abrokwa, a young and dynamic Ghanaian broadcaster/ DJ to live his lifelong dream of informing, educating and entertaining the masses through radio.

Teddy, alias ‘God’s Favourite’, has gradually wormed his way into the hearts of many listeners in Ghanaian communities in UK and across Europe through Hot Digital Radio, broadcast live on the Sky Satellite Channel 0212 and via He currently hosts three shows on the channel, where he brings listeners the best in music, celebrity interviews, freestyles, reviews and the odd showbiz gossips.

Teddy who was born in Akyem Oda, a small town in the Eastern Region of Ghana, obtained BA Honours in Political Science from the University of Ghana in 2004, after which he was posted to the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) regional FM station in Koforidua. This sharpened his passion for radio and perfected his presenting skills. He then left Ghana in pursuit of further education in London and obtained an M.A in Human Resource Management from Keele University.

By fate, Teddy was again introduced to his passion when a childhood friend, who happened to be a DJ on Hot FM, a Ghanaian owned station in London, introduced him to the owner. The rest they say is history however met the budding broadcaster to find out more about his passion for radio and what the future holds for him.

When did you get into broadcasting?

Officially in 2004, that was when I was posted to GBC Sunrise FM in Koforidua for National Service after University but have had stints around 1999 with the Koforidua Polytechnic Radio and a few weeks with Radio Universe Legon in 2000. Well, my journey in broadcasting has been a case of hot and cold, I have always believed in my abilities but sometimes you don’t get the opportunity to show what you can do. I’m sure my applications are still sitting in the drawers of some managers at some of the top radio stations in Accra if only they have not been chucked away, I bet they’ll be kicking themselves now at what they’re missing on. It’s not too late though as far as a contract exists I will get my lawyers to nail it as quick as Usain Bolt.

What made you join broadcasting?

My first love is Music and I have always wanted to be on the radio to be able to share my musical knowledge so it’s like a child in a chocolate shop for me being on the radio. I am not much into TV watching but leave in a room with the radio or music on and I can’t be any happier. Growing up in the 80’s, there was only one FM station in Accra – GBC and you had no choice at all unless you switch off. To be honest, by the time I was leaving Ghana in 2004 I’d listened to almost every presenter in Accra. That should speak more about my passion for radio broadcasting. I am now with Hot Digital Radio. Digital radio is the future, and by the time people come to realize it, some of us would be considered as the pioneers of digital radio. The sound is crystal clear and loads of fun as well.

What programmes do you do on hot digital radio?

I host 3 shows: Thursdays (10- midnight) where I play mostly Hip Hop made in Ghana, other African countries and America. It’s your typical rap show with more focus on Ghanaians/Africans. Saturdays (7-10pm) I play the typical house party soundtrack with all the hottest tunes to kick start the Saturday evening party. Then on Sundays (2-5pm), I host Strictly Home Made, the biggest highlife party in the world with 3 solid hours of authentic highlife through out the decades. Highlife is definitely not dead. I do have live celebrity guests passing through the studio to party with us on a regular basis.

How different do you find broadcasting now from when you started?

I think I have matured in terms of my presentation and composure on air. You know radio is all about getting more and more people informed, entertained and educated therefore quality programming is always essential in remain relevant. I still have that principle of ensuring my listeners are left satisfied at the end of every single show. I still have that odd bad day as anybody else. I had a good broadcasting foundation at GBC which has been very useful in shaping my career till date.

What do you love most about our job?
The listeners, they are amazing to be honest. Some have very great sense of humour and their requests will definitely get you working hard. I get to interact with listeners from Israel, China, US, Europe, North Africa etc and they are always excited to hear their Ghanaian music. Also you get to meet very influential persons and the regular invitations to special events. As one of my colleagues will say ‘there is more to the job than the pay’.

How do you use your role on a radio to bridge the gap between what is happening in Ghana and the Ghanaian community in the UK?

I am in constant touch with the industry in Ghana i.e. some of the top Dj’s, managers, Producers etc. That means Ghanaians abroad are not left in the dark in terms of what’s hot in Ghana plus I get exclusive music sent to me straight from the studio so you can just imagine the fresh stuff listeners are treated to here in the UK and around the world. Personally I try to play as many tracks from different artists as possible be it current or old hits, urban or indigenous artists. Music has no expiring date and the older the better. For me a quality show should touch on all the musical years as much as one can fit in a slot; don’t forget there are quite a lot of Ghanaians who have either not been to Ghana at all or haven’t been there in ages and they rely on the likes of us to update themselves be it political, social or entertainment. So, personally I see my role as very important in bringing their musical taste in parity with those in Ghana and the feedback has been great.

How do Ghanaians abroad relate to Ghanaian music and entertainment in general?

The youth these days are more passionate about Ghana judging from their indulgence in activities such as the independence celebrations, football games etc. It’s always a joy to see them in town with their Ghanaian flags and colours; and doing so with so much pride and passion. Hip Life in particular is well received here and at parties and clubs it’s what makes the night complete courtesy the Dj’s out here. It is my prayer that all this enthusiasm in Ghanaian events would be channelled into actions that will directly benefit the nation as well. It will be a joy to see the youth going back to Ghana to contribute directly to the development of the nation. I know some have started and it will not be long to see many jump on the wagon.

What are their tastes and how different is it from those in Ghana?

Their taste is not any different; it’s just a case of access. Play them a nice tune and they will get used to it. You will be surprised to know how on point people are to the lyrics and songs of some of the new artists such as the Asem, R2Bees, and Sarkodie. They will practically write you the lyrics to these songs. I have taken it upon myself to push highlife music as well and to make it much more appealing to the younger generation. They deserve to know about the great works of the likes of Nana Ampadu, Amakye Dede, Kojo Antwi and the rest of the highlife maestros. I will definitely get there with the help of my 3 hour slot.

What have been your best highlights so far?

I have hosted quiet a number of events including, The Eastern Regional Awards Night organized by GBC, Miss Ghana UK 2008, interviewed a sizeable chunk of the Ghanaian artists from the legendry Ben Brako to Reggie Rockstone but the highlight of it all was having to host Professor Allotey (The maths professor who was once quoted as saying parallel lines do meet). This was at my stint with GBC as a host of an Educational Talk Show. It might sound a bit pale but to me it was one of my best feelings on radio. I only came out of the studio at the end of the interview to realize the technician did not record the show. I am still upset about it anytime it comes to mind. I am looking forward to greater things ahead in my career all the same

Who would you love to interview on your show?

In the world of music I will like to interview Busta Rhymes, he is such an interesting and energetic character. The more interesting the character the more fun the interview is. Also Michelle Obama, reason is simple as its said ‘behind every successful man is a woman’ (hope the anti’s don’t take me on) it will be interesting how much she can reveal about the most ‘powerful’ man on the planet plus I will have a few questions for Mugabe as well.


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