A TWO WAY THING: Keeping your end of the deal

blank“… you should know what you’re worth. You should know that, the producer is trying to make money out of you; the same way you’re trying to come out and be famous and act and maybe… you want to act and all of that. You should know that the producer is also using your face or using you to make money… so you should think of that, its not like a one sided thing.So…it shouldn’t be like the producer or whoever is casting you is doing you a favour; you’re also doing him a favour, so its a two way thing. Like me, i’m working for you, and you’re also working for me.
So i don’t see why girls have to sleep with directors or producers… but then its around i know its around- for that one i know its going on in the industry…” Yvonne Nelson (Exclusive interviews)

Is this controversial or its just my mind? A TWO WAY THING

Its no secret, all over the world and even more evident in Africa; the business of directors and producers using their position to take advantage of aspirants.
But we also have the vice versa; aspirants using what they have to entice directors and producers to get their 15min of fame.

I wonder how this arrangement takes place with male aspirants and male producers (Adisco style?). Perhaps the reason why we have less Ghanaian male actors, and maybe why we have the mixed race male ones taking over.Kalsum Sinare Baffoe

There are a lot of women and young ladies that want to be famous, that want to feature in movies and advertisements and just not be ordinary. What makes them different from the ones that actually make it to the screens?

The argument of ‘they cannot act’ is not sustainable or substantial. We are familiar with actresses who cannot act to save their lives. And may i add that there is nothing exceptional about many of the Ghanaian actresses we currently see all the time (a bit too often actually, the same ones over and over… and over; producers please have some more diversity)- majority of them play the same role in each movie produced, and are not able to change the kind of roles they usually play; the characters most actresses play in movies tend to be similar.
That does not constitute for a good actress- a good actress is one who is able to take up any role properly and make it authentic for the viewers regardless of and not necessarily in connection with past roles played.
How many Ghanaian actresses do you know who have been consistent in similarity in terms of attitude in each role?
See? So now where and why are the aspirants who are not ‘making it’ going wrong? If its about the ability to act, well there’s not competition in that sense or much expectation for them to perform up to.

Juliet IbrahimTo say its the looks, is said in naivety… not that we have many unattractive actresses, but that many aspirants too are attractive. So what then is the issue? Perhaps its the willingness to exchange or “doing him a favour” which is at question, and defining for ‘making it’.

O, but this is will not be fairly said in the absence of stating; that there are also women and young ladies who are ‘keen’ or ‘willing’ or ‘reasonable’ or ‘cooperative’ or ‘who know the “game”’ (they know what’s up)- who go through the process but still do not get to the screens.

“you should know what you’re worth…” Perhaps they’re going about it the wrong way, being too ‘cooperative’ and not staying focussed and on point on the dream.

Many go there (in that bedroom or hotel), and only few come out for us to see them (on the screens).
What is the selection process based on? Bedmatics?

Which one of the Ghanaian female actresses do you think has not gone through the ‘two way’ protocol to get to the screens?
“…doing you a favour; you’re also doing him a favour, so its a two way thing. Like me, i’m working for you, and you’re also working for me.”


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