Ghana Has No Celebrity Culture

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Don’t we all love to read about some top rated US celebrity news, go through their photos, Will Smith eating out with pretty Jada Pinkett Smith or crazy rich Paris Hilton wasting herself (my very personal opinion)?

I see a lot of Ghanaian youths rush to read about Rappers online all the time, the passion which they use to absorb their daily life really is worth admiring.

That begets this question, how come celebrity reportage from western nations, is more in depth and informative than those from Ghana? To think of it, there is no real celebrity news from Ghana. I just glanced through magazines and newspaper which are supposed to report on our celebrities, and I never got anything like how they live their lives, revealing the truth about their private lives.

Yes, we want to know their private lives, if you do not want your life to be an opened book to the public then please, do not try anything that will put you on the spot light as a celebrity. Want to know why? its because we the public feed celebrities, we pay money to see them use their lives, bodies, voices and other attributes of them to entertain, educate and motivate us. This goes out to celebrities who think the public has no business knowing what’s up with their private lives; becoming a celebrity is selling your privacy for the lavish you are living (no harm meant, just being a little frank, although my name is Albert hehe..).

What I want to know is why can’t we get the sort of celebrity news from Ghana like our western compadres? Could it be that the celebrity reportage industry isn’t that lucrative in Ghana? But our Nollywood neighbours are getting something out of it, talk of Nollywood, did any of you guys know the pioneering actors of Nigeria had their education and training in Ghana? Next time you are passing by NAFTI in Cantonments know that is where Africa’s arguably number 1 industry right now was birthed. Are we that bad to teach people something for them to know more and do more than us? Back to the issue at hand, this Nollywood vrs Gollywood needs a whole article on its own.

Right now, I think whatever the situation in Ghana about celebrity statues and reportage, there are two group of people who must amend any aspect that needs correction, Journalist and celebrities. Journalist should ease up on politics a little, we love doing the same thing at the same time too much, habba!! Every morning, there’s only a few radio stations who aren’t talking about politics, Big ups to Atlantis Radio, Sunny FM, and Channel, you guys actually keep me sane especially on Mondays, nothing like screaming and lies to get my blood rushing from some greedy politician.

My point is, we need some investigative Journalism dedicated to celebrities. Every journalist wants to report on politicians, well we are extremely fed up with that. Yeah!! yeah!! yeah!! I know this is an election year, it is not all of us who are so into politics, SOME OF US ARE JUST TIRED OF ALL THAT!! ya bre!!.

Give us something back from all the money we spend on movies, magazines and stuffs, we are not asking for kelewele with peanuts, we want to know how these people are utilizing the opportunity we are giving them, how their real selves are. One thing, journalists should quit altering the truth, if you found a minister poking a Legon girl, let the people know, don’t cover up for that man. If he bribes you take it but publish the news (another personal opinion).

Papa Journalist please, give us back something on these people we spend our hard earned money on. Madam celebrity, next time when in an interview I ask how many times you have sex in a week, do not frown, that is my ¢10 I spent to watch you perform, I’m forcing it out of you right thurr!! lol. If you find me too explicit, let me know…

PS: Bravo to for revealing Jackie Appiah not so angelic acts with Richard Bezuidenhout, as for Jackie’s baby father, Mr. Peter Agyeman we will stalk them for you kapisch? We would appreciate it if you can release some exclusive tapes or pictures for us. seriously. I’m definately out

By: Kwabena Albert Menu

GC Staff bG


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  1. oh snap, this is a gold mine GREAT article and its true, im a fed up with the same ole two step and appreciate the uniqueness of this site

  2. WHAT  OR HOW IS GOLLYWOOD, I MISS THE DAYS WHEN ALL africian actors/actress would come together and product a good movie whats all this division and seperation  is it benifitting either business h/// no,african movies are going through the window here in