Ghana Movie Industry vrs Nollywood – who is under threat?

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The Ghanaian movie industry has at this point not announced and official name for its Ghanaian film industry as with the case of Americas Hollywood, India’s Bollywood, and Nigeria’s Nollywood, and co. For that reason, in this article Ghanaian actors and actresses are referred to as exactly that, instead of a representative name.
May the public be aware of proposed names as; Gollywood; Ghollywood; Ghallywood; and Ghanawood. None of which has been used as the representation of Ghanaian movie industry in this article… It made producing this article a long process (an example as seen with the above title).

It is a widely known and popular subject which takes the title of ‘Ghanaian artists and actors/actresses are being treated poorly in comparison to their Nigerian counterparts’.

Nigerian movies started overtaking the Ghanaian market from year 2003: Ghanaians realised the sub-standard nature of Ghanaian movies, thanks to Ghanaian producers, as compared to Nigerian movies they bought or watched on TV stations… This obviously made Nigeria very happy… Ghanaians hailed Nigerian stars in Ghana and disdained their own industry. Nigerians were collapsing the Ghanaian movie industry with movie themes of voodoo and others, with the likes of Genevieve, Omotola, Emeke, Ini, Ramsey to name a few and the rest. The Ghanaian movie industry almost collapsed but the likes of Agya Koo, Kataware, Nana Ama McBrown, Mercy Asiedu, Kalsum Sinare, Kyeiwaa and the rest (many thanks to other Ghanaian actors/actresses who’s names have not been mentioned here) who kept the industry going.

According to When a Nollywood actor or actress acts in a Ghanaian movie, they always have the lead role. Simira Yakubu (The winner of the best Best Make-up and Best Costume for PRINCESS TYRA- Africa Academy Movie Award) revealed that Ini Edo was initially chosen for the Princess Tyra Role.
Yvonne Nelson did a wonderful job.

And when a Ghanaian actor or actress crosses over to Nollywood, they play the sidekick or just to be safe, the Producers cast them along with top Nollywood stars in the game. It is said to be obviously due to the lack of Ghanaian actors/actresses lack of talent (some of them), they are usually overshadowed. i.e. Genevieve Nnaji and Jackie Appiah in BRAVE SOUL.

Also Joseph van Vicker has stated that the actors and actresses in Nigeria look down on Ghanaian actors. Jackie Appiah has confirmed and stated the same thing as well.

I think Africans find it hard to learn from our own, but find it easy to learn from a Westerner. Jobs are given to foreign coaches to train African teams and we’re comfortable with that, but aren’t able to find common grounds to work together for better with other Africans. It no longer makes logical sense that Nigerian actors and actresses might be given lead roles in movies because at this point in time their faces are more recognizable than the Ghanaian actors/actresses; Ghanaian actors/actresses are becoming more and more identified in both Ghana and Nigeria, and also the wider sub-Saharan Africa movie scene. You barely watch any new Nigerian movie without seeing a Ghanaian actor/actress being featured. And its because its what the people want, not just in Ghana, but in Nigeria even more!

It is a fact; Nollywood has helped introduce Gollywood/ Ghollywood/ Ghallywood/ Ghanawood to the world…

Gollywood must rise shey!

Ghanaian actors and actresses are now directing their attention towards Nollywood; It is only natural that Ghanaian actors/actresses seek a better career, not to say that the Ghanaian industry is not good, but perhaps not as supportive as Nollywood and for that reason that should potentially be where Ghanaian actors/actresses aim at working in. After many years of Nollywood having precedence of the Ghana movie industry, at this instant Ghanaian actors/actresses should do their thing.

“..this is the right time for Ghanaian actors/actresses to storm Nollywood. I don’t care whether Ghanaians act good or bad: this is the time… why are you guys complaining now?”
Drizzla, Nima Accra Ghana-

But now… Nollywood says Commot!
From Nollywood criticism has emerged and is continually rising.

“Just like many alien invasion movies we’ve watched, the film industry in Nigeria, better known as Nollywood, is fast experiencing its own kind of ‘alien’ invasion.
The invasion is not done by some monstrous-looking beasts with camera in their hands. Neighbouring Ghanaian stars are actually the ones invading our dear Nollywood like ‘pests’…” SAMUEL OLATUNJI-

At this point, it is being called an invasion, in Nigeria from Ghanaian actors/actresses.

Talks talks and more talks of reasons why… from how
Ghanaian actors/actresses cost less than their Nigerian counterparts,
Ghanaians actors/actresses speaking with a different accent of which there is a Nigerian market demand for,
Ghanaian actors/actresses being more pretty,
or just the looking for new faces talk.

Can we just get along?
There have been films where Ghanaian actors/actresses and Nigerian actors and actresses have shared equal billing, for example, “Beyonce and Rihanna” where both Nadia Buari and Omotola J. Ekeinde as the lead characters, none of them was playing second to another in that film, they were equals. Joseph van Vicker (polurarly known as Van Vicker. NOTE: and his name is Joseph van Vicker, not Van Vicker,  ‘van’ is part of his surname, as it is in the case of Osama bin Laden, his name is not Bin Laden) and Stephanie Okereke have also shared billing in “Love is Wicked.”

The fact remains, Nollywood has helped introduce Gollywood/ Ghollywood/ Ghallywood/ Ghanawood to the world, appreciate the unity!
“…this is why as Africans, we can never go anywhere.”

Hollywood uses actors from all over the world and never feels threatened…To penetrate the Nigerian market, which is seen as one of the gateways to sub-Saharan Africa entertainment and media.
Let it be a known fact that most Nigerian Producers pay and invest more than Ghanaian producers do.

We have talks about Nigerian musicians starting to overtake Ghanaian musicians in Ghana, but we also have the likes of Ghanaian Hiplife group VIP actually immigrating to Nigeria; and Ghanaian musicians using Nigerian slangs, common phrases, and style of music. Its got to the extend where we’re having sell-outs!

Ghanaians, if we have become so good, come back to Ghana and flourish!

Nollywood Sell Outs (the forefront of the Ghanaian actors’ invasion)

– Jackie Appiah
– Nadia Buari
– Kofi Adjorlolo (He doesnt even make Ghanaian movies anymore)
– Nana Ama McBrown
– Yvonne Nelson
– Joseph van Vicker

*Maijid Michel is being awaited

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