Leave ASEM The Hell Alone!

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I am always beaming with smiles and get exhilarated whenever I hear people write serious grammar to lambaste Ghana Music Awards 2009 New Artiste of the Year winner Asem. I begin to ask questions if those people are indeed for real.

In August 1999, Ricci Osei, Reggie’s late father said “if they are not talking about you, it means you are not worth talking about”, so I guess you understand me now why they keep talking about him, Asem is worth talking about really.

Listen up, aside Asem being one of the most popular artistes in Ghana right now; he’s the darling boy or the most handsome guy in the hip life game, anyone who thinks otherwise should just put up or shut it. Take it or leave it, Asem is just ‘pretty’, if you can permit me to use that word.

If by any chance, you find yourself listening to my favourite tracks “Obaa Yaa” and “Pigaro” and don’t hit the repeat button, then I can say without any hesitation whatsoever that you need a special attention.

The Pigaro remix is just incredible; Caronline’s rap will just blow your mind:

// C.A.R.O, shieeee wow, the girl body body body chaww

// the way he de boogey sef dey make I dey bow oo

// see the things she dey do shieeee wow, he put some otor otor fister

// He boxers be Tommy Hilfiger, oh sister, I dey mad oo, I dey craze oo, ibi sad oo

// the way he de boogey den flow, eh its killing me like death roll, ah,

// the way he dey boogey den flow, DJ please play me pigaro. Caroline you rock.

There are things his suppose haters are using as yardstick to judge him, which to the best of my knowledge is just bullsh*t. It saddens my heart to see or hear Asem’s haters using the fact that he made his name from the night clubs, hence calling him names for no apparent reason!

If suddenly acquiring fame from a night club has become so illegal, that people have started calling and mocking at Asem, What about the one who made his name sleeping in a mosquito infested studios with several days of ‘body fasting’ just to feature on Obrafour and Hammer’s compilation respectively and calling himself Abodam? How about that for reply?

Enough, I have been at most of Asem’s shows are the night clubs and I can tell you that he’s undeniably a sensation. Asem is really an exceptional and a natural rapper, he has something that his colleagues in the hip life game can only dream of. 

ASEM is an extremely talented artiste. He has the swagger and cockiness of Tupac and T.I.; he wields the lyrical dexterity of Notorious BIG and Nas, and commands a stage presence like LL Cool J and DMX. The clarity and power of his lyrics are like that of Redman and Ludacris and it feels easy to rap along his lines like rapping along P. Diddy lines”. Says Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, a columnist on Ghana Music dot com.

To have something in common with the likes of Tupac, T. I., Notorious BIG, Nas, Redman (my all time favourite), Ludacris, P. Diddy? Asem should be in cloud nine now.

The argument that he simply cannot rap a verse without sounding profane is neither here or there, we should learn to grow up and stop reading meanings into lines and stop wasting everybody else time.

Why do we always misconstrue Asem’s lines? Others touting him as “boastful”. Ah! For crying out loud Asem has his life as an individual, so you guys can cool off in hell or “Give Me Blow”.  We have the penchant for complaining about everything.

No! No! No! I will not compare Asem to any hungry, filthy and thirsty lunatic gallivanting on the streets with no sense of direction. Again, a lot has been said about his beef with Kwaw Kese, self-acclaimed king of the streets. They argued that Asem cannot compare himself to the king of the streets, because he made it with a single track on Obrafour’s executioner’s diary with his ‘Oye Nonsense’. And again another single track “Ma Tewo Kwakwa” on Hammer’s soundz of out time.

All I can say now is that, this is a topic for another article because I don’t see any sense in comparing and inciting Kwaw Kese who made it with only a single track on Obrafour’s executioner’s diary with his ‘Oye Nonsense’ and “Ma Tewo Kwakwa” on Hammer’s Soundz of out time. Against who made it with a full album “Better Late than Never”.

Did I step on any toe? What are toes if they are not meant to be stepped on anyway? Who the cap fit, let him wear it. I doff my hat to the guys at Lynx Entertainment, you guys rock. You know the name right?

By: Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr.

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  1. But why should the author in a public forum take a stands and think every one else should tag along? u end up insulting your readers “who ever doesn’t agree with you should put up or shut it?” very immature!

  2. you are a bias writter.how can u tell the people dat asem is the best.he is no near kwaw kese.u shd shut the fuck up if u dont have anything to say.mmoas3m akwaa kwaa.mtcheeeew

  3. A.S.E.M the most handsome in hip life?????? very funny would want to see the author of this article,, the fact he calls himself pretty boy doesn’t mean he is the most handsome in hiplife…. pls come out again