Confirmed: Batman Samini Has Secretly Engaged 2 Ghanaian Women


When published that Batman Samini has engaged the mother of his six months old baby ”Mercy Geker” in London last weekend, we started receiving several emails and phone calls at an alarming rate. These phone calls and emails stated that, Samini has already married one Christiana Aboakye Mensah, the mother of his 6 year old daughter.

In respect to the allegations pointing that Batman Samini in just 2 years has secretly married 2 Ghanaian ladies, we got all our contacts to chase this up. Our findings shocked almost all our team members. Gosh!! Some Ghanaian men can be indeed dangerous and deceptive, even worse if they are stars like Samini.

Owing to our investigation, found out that the afro-reggae singer has successfully engaged two women in two years and currently has a kid with each. Gosh! It seems Samini is taking the term, ‘striker’ too serious. Are our Ghanaian women this dumb and desperate? Well, let’s continue…

On 31st May 2009 at Gbawe near Mallam, Accra, the ‘African dancehall’ musician successfully engaged Christiana Aboagye Mensah under “Ghanaian customary marriage” in the presence of family members from both sides. Christiana is a Ghanaian resident in Canada and the mother of Samini’s six year old daughter called Toyila Theresa Samini.

As if that was not enough, the 2009 MTV’s Best African Performer pulled another long rope and tied another tight knot with Mercy Geker, also a Ghanaian based in London last weekend. Samini and Mercy Geker have a 6month old baby.

What the heck is Samini doing at all? Even though the London engagement was kept out of reach of the media, has managed to get hold of the Samini’s engagement photos with Christiana to prove to the various doubting “Thomases”. Ghanacelebrities.Com has the full engagement video coverage and will publish it if necessary.

This is far from polygamy; something fishy is out there as the first wife until we broke Samini’s recent engagement had no clue as to what is happening in London. According to our investigations, Samini has not in any way broken his first marriage with Christiana but has nicodemously proceeded to marry another Ghanaian in London.

Do you think Mercy Geker accepted to go through with the engagement out of desperation to marry a star or just because of the child? What do you think of Samini’s conduct? We thought he was a role model.

Samini who won the 2006 MOBO Award as the best African Art recently relocated to London with the prime motive of studies not knowing he was having other ‘assignments’.


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  1. why should Samini do that.he should remember he is a star and a mentor to people so he should be careful of whatever he does.


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