Ghanacelebrities Worst Dressed Female Celebs of 2009

Of course, what fun are fashion “do’s” without some fashion “don’ts?” Ghancelebrities let its snarky side out as we named some of the biggest fashion bloopers of the year 2009.



blankMs. Divalish may have had a great year in terms of her musical career; unfortunately, we cannot say that much for her sense of style. From her hair and makeup to her poor fashion picks, it was all very unflattering and high fashion disaster.  The legging/vest topped with a single fingerless glove ensemble she wore to her album launch borders mayhem.  However, she sealed her position on the top of this list when she opted to dress like Queen Elizabeth I’s court jester following a wardrobe change at the same album launch party. We are therefore, very honored to hand the award for Ghanacelebrities Worst Dress Celeb of 2009 to Mimi a.k.a Ms. Divalish.Mzbel

blankWhen it comes to her fashion choices, Mzbel has zero fear and tons of confidence. She has no qualms about stepping out half-clothed. She is looking notably lovely these days, it would be even better to see her at least half or even completely clothed, and let her talent do the all talking when on stage, but that will be wishful thinking on our part. While we appreciate her boldness and confidence, she always edges towards overkill. Hopefully, she will be reunited with her skirt/trousers this year since they went missing in 2009.

Romana Afi Sika Dzuali

blankWhen one step out looking like a painted mannequin with a full face of clown paint accentuated with some medusa-glued-on-weave, then there’s a problem. Instead of wasting time informing Jackie and Nadia to watch out for her as she would be giving them a run for their money, we think she should spend that time taking lessons in makeup application. She looks cartoonish; hopefully, she will tone it down this year.


blankHow does one go from the Best Dress Celeb of 2008 to earning a spot on the worst dress list? One outfit is terrible enough to overshadow everything else. Becca’s style morphed from a chic to beyond tacky in 2009. Her gravity-defying hair-do coupled with those white bead accessories is a complete no no in our book.

Lydia Forson

blankWe love someone who has the guts to go out there and be different, but it’s still got to work, not just be outrageous for the sake of being outrageous.  Sometimes some try just too damn hard. The dress added unwanted volume to her physique. We know she was trying to be daring or bold, but the whole ensemble from head to toe (makeup included) is just not working as far as we are concerned, hence, the honor of the last spot on our list.


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  1. mimi pretends to be what she isn’t. girlfriend pls go for consultations and change your wardrope, and stop frighting people with this “KAKAI” dressess, do you think stardom is easy, then think twice


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