Ghanaian Stars And Weight


One of the elements that define an African woman’s beauty is her weight. When it comes to our culture voluminous is the acceptable norm. Unfortunately, this has manifested into a disturbing prevalent mentality among most Ghanaian women as most feel the need to be to heavyset irrespective of compromising their health. Ghanaian stars are not immune to this mentality.

The usual pattern is that once a star achieves some respectable level of fame, they just start piling on the pounds. Weight gain unfortunately, is usually associated with success. It is indeed pathetic the length most will go to gain weight; this includes, but not limited to binge eating or taking pills that places their health at risk. The downside to this is that some people are uneducated on the various diseases associated with weight gain.

Though our celebrity pop culture frowns upon thin body size; it is sheer ignorance that a celebrity is subjected to ridicule and a series of speculations once her body size deviates from the norm. Please stop promoting beauty at the expense of an individual’s health. It is important to send out a message about the health repercussions of unhealthy weight gain as well. There is the need to balance the social scale as far as this issue is concerned. It’s about time society stop nit-picking…pick facts!

Lost count of the number of shapely actresses who have slowly morphed into “WHALEES” over the years. It appears some stars have no concerns about how unappealing they appear onscreen as a result of weight gain. The sad aspect of this is that the fat is usually not evenly distributed. It is usually accumulating in unflattering areas such as the tummy area and the lower torso, and most do not dress to suit their figures. Nope! They want to show off their midriffs. Parading onscreen with love handles and budding pot bellies coupled with a bleached face that looks like an uneven baked potato is DOWNRIGHT UNFLATERRING-YUCK!

Healthy body weight varies from one body type to the other, a fact some people are unaware of. Factors such as height and age determines an individual’s body mass index, there is a standard chart for healthy body mass index based on weight, height and age. Individuals also vary in terms of where fat accumulates. For instance, for apple shaped women, fat is mainly dispersed in the abdomen, chest, and face. For banana shaped women, body fat tends to be distributed predominantly in the abdomen, buttocks, chest and face. For Pear shaped women, fat tend to deposit in the buttocks, hips and thighs. For our hourglass shaped women, fat tend to deposit in the arms, chest, hips and derrière. It is crucial to take all these vital points into consideration before embarking on a weight course in pursuit of the “ideal African beauty.”

Looking like a shapeless amoeba onscreen is not appealing…its freaking gross, period! Ghanaian stars are in the position to set a good example and help diffuse this prevalent ideology of beauty. Gaining weight at the expense of one’s health all in the name of conforming to the societal norm is simply not worth the risk. It is important to make the effort to maintain a healthy body weight. It’s about time Ghanaians discard that notion and embrace a healthier lifestyle.


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  1. This is so true. I am a naturally skinny person and I was subjected to so much ridicule growing up. From names like “sexy gogomi” to “atia donko” to “wo didi na wo fon eye ya seh” When I came to the states, for the first time, I heard women say “you are so lucky you can eat so much and remain thin”. I am naturally skinny. I have a high metabolism so I eat a lot. I was never the Ghanaian man’s dream of a girl with “chao” body or woman with “enough” body. Honestly it affects my self esteem because I wish I was more “rounded” to fit the African beauty stereotype. People tell me I am skinny as though it is my personal doing “ah aden na wa fon sah” but I am healthy and able to stay awake and study for school and move on with my life just fine. I have to constantly remind my self that Ia m fearfully and wonderfully made by God and I refuse to let others dictate who I should be. God in his infinite goodness created me the way I am and I know He will give me a man who thinks I am the most beautiful African woman ever :)) Amen to that!!!

  2. i dont get it. i mean who said you have to be a size two(2) before you can act. come on people. Monique won an oscar with a size twenty. are you kidding me?. leave these people alone and let them be because to me, its all about being fit and healthy.

  3. Dab is very fortunate to have a body which will not change even when she eatsso much. i use to be like her eating anything and everything and still being skinny. havinga baby changed everything. so please all people making a big deal about weight should leave them the hell alone. you think its their fault they gained the weight. i use to weigh 125pounds, after my baby i gained alot and now weigh you think i want to be like this.i have tried every exercise i can do, everything and i do not seem to get raid of the weight. this is to say that for some its their own doing they gained the weight but for others too some changes in their bodies can cause them to gain unwanted weight which is hard to keep off.

  4. Look at Fiifi Banson and Kwami Sefa kayi, The “Inspector Bediako” actor is almost about to burst. The fatty foods are way too much. Sadly some people assume weight gain equals success. Many at times it equals high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and death.

  5. I looked really unhealthy to people when I was in Ghana since I was skinny. But when I came to America, it’s the direct opposite.
    Too much of everything is bad.
    When you’re too skinny it’s bad and when you’re too overweight it’s also very unhealthy. People will make fun of you if you’re a tee bit over-weight here in America. Weight loss programs are everywhere.
    Some Africans think that being healthy means having da “FLESH”

  6. Dear Mr. Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr., you must be living in the stone ages cos now all the craze is about “skinny” evident in the number of products and programs to achieve this goal on the market now. those days when BIG was the thing is gone, it passed like 5 years ago


  7. wats wrong with being big and beutiffull its the acting tha counts before when these stars were skiny i thought they were about to snap but i think they look better big


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