GTFOH: Another Day, Another Indecent Ghana Girl

It is so annoying when our Ghanaian girls do this. Attention whores we call them on here. Look at the picture above and tell us what comes into your mind first. Will you slap this girl? Will you allow your sister or girlfriend to step out into the Klub like this



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0 thoughts on “GTFOH: Another Day, Another Indecent Ghana Girl”

  1. Whoever posted this article on such a nice website should go back to school.. Choose your words correctly and check how you present your article. Thank you

  2. who took this shot? you should have let us see everything and then we can say if she is a whore or not but that is not to say that what thinks she’s wearing (naked anyways) is the right attire.

  3. wait i dnt get dis pic….wats wrng wit da shirt she wearin wat da fucc…i mean if its da shirt aint shidd wrng wit it let her be her

  4. aaaah, ewiase ye yao, wot a shame, dis is a disgrace to ladies. some fins are not meant for the whole world to see but only one special some one, dont copy blindly

  5. @tutu, wot do u mean ghana girls are cheap, chose ur words carefully yeah, and how in Gods name wud u know if she is realy a ghanain haa, i wonder if u have sisters, u wudnt have said that

  6. Ok let set the record straight
    First thing first
    I am only point out certain facts about our beloved country.
    Ghana is a developing country which looks to develop its economy like the western world therefore we emulate the plans and strategies used by the western world in our development. As we mimic their developed plans there are negative sides to this, that over shadow our main traditions and cultures which is somewhat ignored. Let look at the movie industry, 10 years ago there was no sex screen or whatsoever in any movies but today we (Ghanaians) accept this because the West are doing it and as I said we are learning form them. The music industry used to produce music which talks about love, relationship and how a person can better their society but now we are doing more Sex than there above. Finally the mind of our society has changed, we never knew about gay and lesbian but in recent years people are proud to call them self Gay (no offence to gays and lesbians). Am not saying all the above is wrong or right, what am trying to establish is to let people see from the other side of the coin that they are all part of the development of our nation. People shouldn’t pass judge when they see pictures like above or people behaving in what is called inappropriate manner, we should ask the question what influence that behaviour. It could main factors like how we want the things of western world or a personal choice but whatever their reasons we as a society do not need to pass judgement.

  7. what the fuck is wrong with you guys? why is it so nice when the white girl or even an african american does but so “immoral” when our girls do it? cut her some slack yea?

  8. Come on we live in a free world she can wear anything she wants i don’t care but i wont let anyone i know wear that by the way

  9. when you are born, you have no clothes, God made us with no clothes, man made clothes
    she is a beautiful women made by God, she is not naked, keep your mind at the right place
    bunch of idiot, just think for a second how God made are all a joke except her.

  10. well it is obvious that is her face but that could also be some porn star’s body. nowadays technology is very high and could do unpredictable thing. don’t judge her if you are not too sure about the picture. but then if the picture is real, then God help us Ghanaians.

  11. why should those with bawee backs wear this sort of dresses even those with nice ,smooth,sexy body show what their mums gave them

  12. How can you blame the westerns for (her) outfit? She chose the outfit she wanted to wear, that’s not the westerns fault, that’s her own bad taste. I don’t like how she’s dress, but it’s her prerogative

  13. if i may ask wats wrong wit dis picx??? i cant c nuffin bad only showin her bac is dat wrong c’mon 
    give me a break!!!!

  14. so whats the problem here, i can’t see what she is wearing underneath the top, which shows some back(and that is it)

    phisssh, gimme a break


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