“I Did Not Know Batman Samini Was Already Engaged”- Mercy Geker

blankAfter days of silence and shock, Mercy Geker who was engaged by Batman Samini few days ago in London has broken the silence. Mercy has a 6 month old baby with the Award-winning Ghanaian Afro-Reggae musician, Batman Samini.

Early this month, GhanaCelebrities.Com broke the news on Batman Samini’s engagement with Mercy Geker which sparked off controversy after it came to light that Samini was already married to Christian Aboagye Mensah, the mother of his 6 years old child.

Various individuals have developed conceptions as to why the young educated Ghanaian woman “Mercy Geker” with a good profession would stoop so low to become a second wife of Batman Samini in this contemporary society. Many have tagged her as a desperate “born one” woman who after having a baby with a star has proceeded to tie him down with marriage despite the fact that Samini was already engaged.

In a chit-chat with Mercy Geker, she emphatically told GhanaCelebrities.Com that “I did not know Samini was married, my family did not know or had no clue to believe that he was already married”. “It all came as a shock and learnt about his marriage to Christiana when you guys first broke the story”.

According to Mercy Geker, after she read about Batman Samini’s engagement with Christiana Aboakye Mensah, a Ghanaian resident in Canada, she confronted Samini and guess what happened? Samini looked into her eyes and robustly denied ever engaging anyone. Until GhanaCelebrities.Com made another publication with the Samini-Christiana engagement photos, our dear Samini was strong on his refutation.

Speaking from her London home, Mercy who has been kicked in the teeth by the turn of events is due to issue an official statement on the “Samini Double Engagement Scandal” by Monday which she promised giving us a copy.

Mercy denied giving GhanaCelebrities.Com the go ahead to put her photo up here to safeguard herself and her new born baby. What do you think is next? What do you think Mercy should do? Kick Samini’s butt and dissolve the “fake ass” engagement or what?


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