Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”’s Review

blankWhen the King of Pop released his ground breaking album “Thriller” I wasn’t even born then. When he released his follow up album “Bad,” I was all but a toddler and understandably, was oblivious to all the mania surrounding the musical genius. However, as I grew older it was impossible to shake off the impression his music had on me.

Michael Jackson is a legend who personifies perfection-his brilliance, fame and success shall never ever be equaled. On the heels of his death, like bona fide fans around the world, I struggled to come to terms with his death. I tried to find some meaning and understanding out of everything “Michael Jackson.” The new Michael Jackson movie “This Is It” reinstates why he is and will forever be the Greatest Entertainer of all times.

Most artists could only dream of giving a live show as spectacular and mesmerizing as Michael Jackson’s “This Is It.” The film was drawn from over 100 hours of rehearsal footage between March and June of this year. Transfixed in my seat, I was just in awe of the musical genius. Michael is the epitome of the ultimate Showman. When that man is on stage, he owns it hands down-No comparison!

Sadly, it took Michael’s death to bring attention back to what made him a supernova in the first place- his talent. Contrary, to media reports of Michael being emaciated at the time of his death, he was anything short of fantastic in the rehearsal footage. Yes! He was painfully thin, but for a 50 year old man who hasn’t taken the stage in over a decade, Michael surpassed expectation. Though the moves were sharp, age and years off the stage has chipped off some of the suaveness, but the brilliance was never missing.

The film also humanizes Michael as it showed his humbleness and politeness. It also gives the observer a first-hand view of the King of Pop’s infatuation with perfection. Jammed packed with environmental awareness messages, dazzling stage craft, choreography and songs, “This Is It” is worth every penny and some more.

For those who never experienced the magic of seeing the King of Pop performe live, this is as close as you can get to experiencing the thrill. Did I get the closure I was hoping for after watching “This Is It?” Nope! I am glad I did? Yes! The film gives a rare glimpse of Michael Jackson the Human and Michael Jackson the Genius. Some have dubbed the movie Michael’s final curtain call. Well, I say for the Showman, the show never ends, it goes on and on. LONG LIVE THE KING!


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  1. Michael Jackson was really something special and didn’t have to die at that young age. I first started listeningto him at the age of 5 years old and to a 5 year old, his music was really good. To al the haters,just because he was blessed with a good voice and you weren’t, that doesn’t mean you have to be bashing him. And to the lairs, and hypocrite, I hope you guys are happy, because there is never going to be someone like him, and someone who likes helping people like our brothers and sisters in the poor parts of AFRICA. May his soul rest in peace, and oh yeah i’m only 14 years old.


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