Stop the Designer BullShit-Cut Your Coat According to Your Size!


It is very startling when Ghanaian celebrities go on a designer rant rampage. Often, during shindigs or red carpet events, most are kin to drop power house designer names which usually leaves one scratching his/her head. Not only is it implausible, it is beyond farfetched. Why? Well, a number of plausible reasons spring to mind.

For one, the idea that most of these celebs will squander such hefty sums on designer pieces is “highly” unlikely. Two, most of these so-called high end designer styles these celebrities so vainly brag about wearing look nothing more than something picked right out of a thrift store. Bare it in mind that some of these high end fashion designers also design for low end stores. Examples are Vera Wang, Michael Kors and Isaac Mizrahi who design for department stores such as Kolls, Marshalls and Target at much more affordable prices.

Recently, an actress claimed (during the movie premiere of the “Prince’s Bride”) to have splashed “€900 on a black Vera Wang dress. €500 on a red Michael Kors shoes which matched her red belt (rolling our eyes). According to this actress, her Swarovski ring and Dolce & Gabbana silver wrist watch also cost €350 and €800 respectively.” At the same premiere, an actor also claimed to have splashed “€900 on a Salvatore Ferragamo designer suit, while his Ferragamo shirt cost €150. His red Gucci tie, Diesel belt, Rolex watch, Roberto Cavalli shoes and pink Oswald Boateng cufflinks are all worth over €500.” Huh? Crickets chirping…

Yep! We believe them! (Scratching our heads). First off, that so-called Vera Wang dress and Salvatore Ferragamo suit looks nothing like it. We’ve seen better looking stuff come off the rack of a low end store. If they actually dropped (show us the receipt) that much on their outfits, then they should go get their money back. The bragging and all is really becoming un-becoming.

It is a guarantee that most of these so-called designer stuff these celebs shamelessly flaunt are made in “Chinatown” (that is they are made by peddlers in New York and sold by street merchants) -GUARANTEED! Not that it is bad to use fake designer stuff, not all, but while at it; tell the damn truth for once. If one can’t say the truth, then stop exaggerating or just shut “it!”

Two Actors Splash 4,100 Euros On Clothes.Read It Here

By: Cassie Johnson (Editor In Chief,


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0 thoughts on “Stop the Designer BullShit-Cut Your Coat According to Your Size!”

  1. this writer hav nothin to say. what is soo bad about a celebrity dressin over 4000 euros .even if it is not up to such that is what he or she claims it is so jst take it or leave it

  2. i know this for truth, because i used to work at one the most expensive cloths in USA. most of the designer and expensive cloth are nothing but trash. some of the expensive cloths even if they as me to buy it for $5 with my store discount i will not buy it. they may be right, designer and expensive are just a name- brand it make people but them.


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